First Time Trying Cod Liver Oil

by Tim & Erin Otto

If the taste of cod liver oil ranked equally as good as its claims of being good for you, would it make sense to consider the massive rise of testimonials by those who have plugged in to remarkable dental health – even the re-mineralization of cavities and naturally straight teeth?

Stay with me here.

I understand this superfood-for-teeth may sound a bit fishy seeing you’ve probably never heard anything like it from your dentist.  Maybe you’re thinking, “Suuurre, Grandma’s old fashioned vitamin oil is making a stylish comeback  from the 1950’s just like those cool geeky frame glasses we’ve all become re-fond of lately.”

I assure you this is not a trendy wave of exaggerated claims. Ordinary folks are empowering dental health to occur in themselves and their children, sometimes seeing results within  just a few months of taking this high powered oil.

What About The Taste?

If you’re afraid of the taste, but you’d like your family to take cod liver oil, you really should give the Green Pasture flavored cod liver oils a try. Although we do get phone calls from people who don’t like it, the cinnamon tingle flavor is our most popular cod liver oil and our family’s favorite. 

The kids in this video have never tasted cod liver oil before; their responses are totally candid and unedited. We think the effect will be similar in your home. They are all tasting the Cinnamon Tingle Liquid Cod Liver Oil (not to be confused with the cinnamon tingle cod liver oil & butter oil blend).

Have you tried cod liver oil? Is it really as easy as these kids make it look?

Order your cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil here for local pick up. And here to have it shipped to your door.

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8 Responses to Candid Kids Cod Liver Oil Taste Test Video

  • daphne valentine says:

    As of yesterday my children told me they will not be trying any of “that nasty bubblegum Fish stuff”. I can’t say I blame them after I tried it myself and ran to the bathroom vomiting. It was gross. I am very interested in the oil because of this video. I’ve been trying to find something that would not be too strong of a taste, so I will be ordering this today. Thanks for the visual nudge.
    We enjoy so many other product from you guys that this one is sure to be great as well.


    Okay – I have a few questions so I know what to buy for my family. First – can you get the same oral benefits from taking the cod liver oil/butter oil capsules instead of the liquid? Or do you need the liquid to come in contact with your teeth to be effective. If we do need the oil – what does the cod liver oil/butter oil cinnamon gel taste like? Is it all goopy and nasty in your mouth or is it still palatable like the kids in the video? From all the info that you have sent, it appears that we need the cod liver oil/butter oil together in order to be effective. Please give me some clarity on this product.


    • Good question, Laurie. The capsules will give you the same benefit as the liquid. No, you don’t need the liquid to come in contact with your teeth. It nourishes from within. The only drawback with taking the capsules is that you need to take a lot of caps to equal a full dose. 10 capsules equals 1 teaspoon, which is the dose for children 12 and over and for adults. 5 capsules is enough for children under 12.

      The cinnamon gel tastes very similar to the liquid. Both are sweet and cinnamony and both mask the fishy taste quite well. The blend has a nice buttery taste, and my kids think the cinnamon is not as spicy in the blend. But yes, equally as palatable as the liquid. Some of our kids actually prefer the blend over the liquid.

      If you refrigerate the cod liver oil/butter oil blend, it is more thick like a gel, but I wouldn’t say goopy. You can keep it at room temperature and it will be more liquidy. And it’s totally okay to store it at room temperature.

      Yes, it’s much more effective to take the butter oil with the cod liver oil. Much better than either one alone.

  • Alicia says:

    Does the cod liver oi/butter oil combo taste about the same?

    • The cinnamon tingle liquid has a little bit stronger cinnamon taste than the blend, and the cinnamon cod liver oil/butter oil blend has a nice, mild buttery flavor. Our family likes both of these the best of all the other flavors. Both are sweet, and both mask the fishy flavor well.

  • Susan Seaton says:

    I loved the video. Great idea to have kids test the product. My only complaint has to do with YouTube and not you. It is that when the video was over there was a very disagreeable and vulgar vampire video being advertised. Just thought you might want to know in case there is some way to change settings or something.

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