Gluten Free Peach Pie

From Jill Baine…




1 cup org white rice flour

1/2 cup tapioca flour

1/2 cup sorghum flour

1tsp salt

2/3 cup plus 2 TBSP org. butter (frozen and sliced)

4-5 TBSP cold water


Put everything in the food processor except the water and pulse until crumbly looking. Then, while food processor is running, add all the water at once. Because this was gf, I had to add a bit more water, but I added too much.  I just added more rice flour to get the right consistency.  It should be really sticky, but should still hold together somewhat more than batter.  Half the dough and press one half in a greased pie plate.  I spritzed a little olive oil and just flattened with my hands and pushed it up the sides.  The other half I sandwiched b/t two greased sheets of parchment paper and rolled it out that way in a circle.  I stuck the crusts in the fridge while I made the filling (see below).  Once that was done, I pulled them out, dumped the filling in the crust and carefully peeled one parchment piece  off the top crust and placed in on the pie.  THen peeled the parchment off the top.  Trim, crimp edges, and vent as usual.

Baked the pie for about 45-50 min at 425 degrees. I did, at one point, put foil around the edges to keep them from getting too brown.



6 cups sliced peaches (I think I used approx. 15 peaches, mixed sizes)

2/3 cup sucanat

1/3 cup org white rice flour

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix all together. :) That’s it!

The recipe called for also adding 1tsp of lemon juice and 1 TBSP butter, but I forgot and it still was wonderful!”