Gummy Lemon Sours


A Healthy Treat: 5 Minutes, Start to Finish

These little gems are quick to whip up, pretty to look at, yummy, and best of all, are natural and actually beneficial! All of the ingredients are healthy, pure and natural. It doesn’t even require a sweetener,  unless you just want to include one! These sours are a great, tasty way to get a nourishing dose of gelatin, too.

So what’s so great about gelatin, anyway?

There are lots of reasons out there why gelatin is basically a superfood. A little research will allow you to discover all kinds of great effects! Here are a few of my favorite benefits.

  1. Gelatin can help heal food allergies and intolerances ~  Adding gelatin to your diet can heal the lining of your stomach and digestive tract.  And since food allergies/intolerances often are the result of leaky gut, the idea is that when you heal your digestive tract, you no longer have proteins and toxins that create health issues “leaking” into your body.
  2. Gelatin is good for bone and joint health ~ Gelatin contains lots of amino acids important in helping to prevent the weakness and degeneration of cartilage in joints. Gelatin, with it’s anti-inflammatory properties, has also been shown to reduce  the pain and inflammation of arthritis.
  3. Gelatin helps your body release toxins ~ Glycine, an amino acid found in gelatin, assists the liver to efficiently remove toxins from our system.
  4. Gelatin gives you better hair, nails, and teeth ~ Gelatin contains keratin, which is a very strong protein found in your hair, nails, teeth and skin. Many people notice a profound improvement after supplementing with gelatin for as little as a few weeks.
  5. Gelatin helps speed up wound healing ~ One of the amino acids found in gelatin is glycine, which is highly anti-inflammatory.
  6. Gelatin can improve your quality of sleep ~  Clinical studies have shown that not only do people sleep better when consuming the amino acid glycine, they report less daytime drowsiness and better cognitive function.

So what are we waiting for? While drinking slimy glasses of plain gelatin and water might turn one’s stomach, (definitely turns mine) these little fruit gummies provide an awesome alternative to getting that glycine you need in your system!


  • 1 cup of citrus juice. (Our favorite is lemon, but you can even use mandarin juice, grapefruit, orange, or minneola.)
  • 5 Tablespoons gelatin. 
  • OPTIONAL: up to 1/4 cup of honey, sugar, or the sweetener of your choice.


In a small saucepan stir the gelatin in the lemon juice. Leave it for 60 seconds to soak up some of the liquid. Cook over low heat until it’s almost simmering. Pour into molds or into a loaf pan (to be sliced into squares after they chill).
Chill in the fridge for 20 – 30 minutes.
And there you are! Pop them out of their forms when they are finished chilling, or cut them into squares. Their cheery colors, and fresh taste make for a great way to consume both the benefits of citrus and the merits of gelatin!
Store in a tightly covered container. Lasts for about 1-2 weeks. They become a little more rubbery as they age, but they’re still very good. You can order the ingredients for your gummies HERE for local pickup, or HERE to have them shipped right to you!

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