How Our Wheat Is Grown

It has been going around the web lately that Roundup is used in the growth of all or most wheat, to force the plants to go to seed.

This is simply not true.

Although glyphosate (Roundup) may be used on some wheat crops in the United States, we feel the need to post a clear, concise statement outlining the growing practices and production of our wheat, to put any fears you may have to rest.

Roundup is not used at ANY STAGE in the Production of Our Wheat.

The Certified Organic varieties and the Certified Chemical Free varieties differ slightly in growing methods, but neither kind has been sprayed with Roundup, and neither has been modified genetically. They are natural and healthy plants, the way God intended.

We offer several varieties that fall into two basic categories – Certified Chemical Free and Organic. And here’s how each is grown….


Certified Chemical Free wheat is grown conventionally using a natural nitrogen fertilizer, but without chemicals. Round Up is not used at any stage in the growing process. The harvested wheat is tested by an independent lab for any chemical residue. When they don’t find any, they certify the wheat as being Chemical Free.
Our Organic wheat is grown on land certified organic by the State of Montana and does not have any type of fertilizer or other chemicals used. Pesticide free, herbicide free, Round Up free. The State of Montana inspects the farm, bins, warehouse, equipment, packaging, etc. and then gives it the Certified Organic label. Not all of our organic wheat is produced by the same growers, but ALL of it is certified organic. There aren’t any chemicals sprayed on it.


Non G.M.O.

On the same note, we do not offer G.M.O. (Genetically Modified) varieties of any kind. All of our wheat is G.M.O. Free.


Safe, Whole, and Healthy!

The wheat we offer is naturally grown, non-GMO, healthy, safe, and good, hearty whole-grain.

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