Making Concord Grape Juice With the Mehu Liisa Steamer Juicer


This steamer juicer makes it easy to produce your own Concord grape juice at home with very little mess. You’ll find both the Mehu Liisa steamer juicer and Concord grapes on our order form during grape season.

Every year in late September and/or early October, we offer Concord grapes to our local delivery radius. If we’re offering grapes now, you’ll find them on our current order form. Otherwise, to receive a message when we take orders for grapes, sign up for our emails here.


One Response to How to Make Concord Grape Juice

  • Kathy says:

    Order was great, I ordered more grapes, apples, the steamer/juicer (which BTW hasn’t left my cooktop yet!) and rye berries.

    I’ve juice/steamed the 2 ½ bushels of the grapes (I need/want more grapes now as this was SO MUCH EASIER than mashing them!!) if we can get more grapes please let me know!!!

    I’ve done about 4 batches or maybe 5 of the apples in the steamer, not as much juice as the grapes but wow, you get clear juice like you see in the stores, then I take the leftover “mush” after it cools down and run it through my juicer and I have applesauce. Done!

    My yields:
    2 batches in the steamer (about 20 lbs of apples) and I had 6 quarts of juice and about 4 quarts of thick lovely applesauce. All I needed to do at that point was put it back on the cooktop to reheat, No peeling, no coring no mess! – it’s great… I wish I had purchased 2 steamers at this point!! J

    From 10 lbs of apples I had about 1 cup of skins/seeds that were left over that came out of my juicer when I was all done. Which of course went into the compost pile.

    This is definitely the way to go if you are making juice, cider, applesauce etc.

    DO cut up the apples when putting them in the steamer, (but you don’t need to core or peel) and fill the steamer up full of water, the apples take about 2 hours to get all their goodness out of them but during that 2 hours I can be doing other things so it made processing this weekend very simple compared to peeling, slicing and coring apples!! (or cooking and running through my Vittorio strainer)

    Thanks again – BTW the Jonagolds I ordered didn’t make it into the juice, those apples are HUGE! – there are some in the box that are close to a POUND… we are eating those right out of the box!!!!

    Thanks again!!!

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