Livestock Feed Questions and Answers

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How often will you be offering livestock feed?

We plan to offer these feeds once a month to allow for a consistent feeding program. We may offer the feed twice a month during our busier fruit seasons. We will do our best to make this a steady offering.

Can I buy feed by the ton? 

Yes- We can offer the feed in a tote bag that holds up to a ton (2000lbs). Please contact us for this type of volume to
work out the details. 931-593-2616 or [email protected]

 Do you offer feed with NO SOY?-

Yes- Much of our livestock feed does NOT contain soy. If it does, it is organic/non-gmo soy and is labeled so in the
ingredients. Currently we have 2 chicken feeds that have NO SOY. (Chick Starter and Layer)

Do your feeds contain GMOs?

NO- We are firmly against the use of genetically modified feeds or foods. We diligently seek suppliers and farms
that are non-gmo compliant. If there were any chance we felt something had gmos in it we would not sell it or
we would offer it at full disclosure.

How is your feed certified organic?

Our feeds are milled to order for us by one of the finest mills in the country. They are certified organic through
the USDA and the state of Montana. They also grow and mill organic grains for human consumption at a near by mill they own.

Do you have a feeding chart for chickens?

Yes- click on this link to see the chart provided to us by Big Sky Organic Feeds.

What animal feeds do you have?

Currently we have feed for Chickens (Layers and Broilers), Goats, Dairy Cows, Beef Cows, Turkeys and Pigs

Will you ever have other feeds available like horse feeds, rabbit feeds etc?

Yes- we plan on offering feeds for horses, rabbits and even pet foods. As soon as we work out the details we
will begin to carry more products.

Do you carry whole grains and alfalfa pellets?

Currently the mill is out of the whole grain and alfalfa pellet supplies.  We will offer those in the months to come.

Can I let you know what product needs I have?

Yes, Yes, Yes- Please let us know your needs. We may not be able to offer everything, but we hope to supply
a full line of feeds and products.

Does organic feed have a certain shelf life?

Yes- Typically organic feeds have a shorter shelf life. Our guy at the mill recommended 60-90 days. It is best to
keep it dry and out of the sun.

Why do you have milled/mash feeds instead of pellets?

For a few reasons. First, many of the smaller farm based mills do not have the capablity of buying the
equipment for pelletization which can run up to 1/2 a million dollars. Also, pelleted feed often times goes
through a heating process that can get very, very hot. This can kill off nutrients that are essential for healthy
animals. If we we’re to eventually offer pelleted feed, we will be careful to find them that are made with low
heat. This is the case with our Alfalfa Pellets (currently out of stock). They are heated at a lower temperature
which allows the nutrient levels to stay intact.

What can I do with the powdery dust at the bottom of my bags?

To make the best value of your feed, you can take that last bit of your bag and mix it into a little bit of water
(warm preferably) and feed to your chickens. They will gobble it up like a special treat. Some feed the mash like
this every day. Just make sure its freshly made.

Does your feed come in plastic bags?

No- Our feed comes in brown paper bags that are labeled with a tag. Very non-commercial looking but full of the
right stuff :)

Can I just feed my chickens scratch?

Scratch is recommended to be given to poultry as an additional feed. If your birds do not get a lot of fresh
roaming time with grass and bugs, scratch would be of good benefit. Also, in those winter months, scratch can
be a good addition to your feeding program.

What is the Free Choice feeding method?

Free Choice is allowing your chickens to eat when they desire through out the day- Unlike some animals,
chickens are able to self regulate their eating and not over eat?

Can I feed layer feed to my chicks?

A few feedings would not effect them much if your in a pinch, however, the layer rations are specially milled with
calcium to help the layers produce better eggs. Feeding this to young chicks as a daily ration could cause
kidney and bone issues.

What is the benifit to using Kamut Khorasan Wheat in your feed?

Kamut Khorasan Wheat is an amazing ancient grain that is high in its protein content, while being easier to
digest for those who experience issues with gluten. Khorasan wheat provides the body with more energy in the
form of complex carbohydrates and because of its low oxidation levels it loses little nutritional content when
being ground and processed.

Is the goat feed good for milking goats?

Yes- The feed mill adds extra calcium to the goat feed to make it a milk goat ration.  It would be used best, as a supplement to their normal roughage diet.