Apple Wax
by Erin Otto

Apple Wax

From time to time, you may notice a waxy coating on the apples you pick up from us. You may find this surprising, but the wax actually forms on the apple naturally; it’s not something that was sprayed on or added after harvest. This wax is a protective coating that forms on the apples by design to waterproof the apples’ skin, protecting the fruit from rain and also locking in the apple’s natural juices.

Some apples produce more of this wax than others. We’ve especially noticed it on Jonagold, Gala, and Rome apples, but it is present on all of the varieties. And some years, it’s more pronounced than others. Our growers tell us that more wax tends to form on the apples when the summer has been particularly hot.

We are committed to making sure the fruit we buy from our growers meets our own family’s standards. We would not want any man made wax on the apples we put on our table, and expect the same for our co-op family. If you have any further questions regarding the wax that fruits naturally produce, we encourage you to search the internet or your trusted healthy foods resource.

Thank you for allowing our family to serve yours!

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