Organic Gardening Resource

Have you ever wondered what the organic farmer knows that the struggling gardener doesn’t?

If you’d like to grow a green thumb, or you know someone who wants to master this craft, the we invite you and your friends to join us as we take a simple yet interesting journey away from toxic conventional solutions and into the world of natural, organic, nutrient dense growing.

This is a good intro to their organic farm, but it’s not specifically about tonight’s webinar.

tonight’s webinar will discuss :

  • What GMO’s are and why you should be concerned
  • Which seed companies are safe to buy seeds from
  • How to keep your garden GMO free
  • Why the soil is so important and how to improve yours
  • How to deal with pests and diseases naturally
  • Why you should be growing your own food
  • And more..

Click here to sign up for tonight’s webinar at 7 PM

Tonight’s webinar is  at 7 PM

Register here…

Remember, this valuable upcoming free webinar is just the beginning of an in depth program designed to save you time and lead you to a successful organic harvest. So be sure to forward this email to family and friends who would find this interesting. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn from real local Tennessee farmers who actually grow organically for a living and have thoughtfully put together a program to reveal how you can grow fresh, delicious, organic veggies all year round.

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