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Most of the products we currently sell are only available for local pick up in Tennessee and a few of the surrounding states. We do offer some of our most popular items here on our online store for shipping within the 48 states. Thanks for stopping by!
Bulk Truly Raw Almonds
Raw Almonds

These are natural, hulled almonds from the 2013 harvest. Click the drop down menu for prices.

The 50 lb box of almonds ships out UPS, all other sizes ship USPS Priority Mail.
Raw Almonds (prices include shipping within the US)
Bulk Superfood Powder

Our Superfood powder is a powerful supplement made of 13 organic, wildcrafted, or chemical free superfoods: beets, spinach, rose hips, orange & lemon peel, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, barley grass juice powder, wheat grass juice powder, purple dulse, and nutritional yeast. Superfood will come premixed. Available in bulk (6.5 lbs), or a 12 oz sample. More about Superfood and dosage>>

All superfood sizes ship out USPS Priority Mail.
Free shipping within the United States
Nutrimill Grain Mill
The Nutrimill Grain Mill

The Nutrimill grain mill makes quick and easy work out of milling fresh wholesome grains for your family. We love it for its simple design, large capacity hopper, low temperature milling, and for the wide range of grains and beans it is capable of milling. More about the Nutrimill Grain Mill>>

Nutrimill Grain Mills ship via FedEx.
Nutrimill (Ships Free!)
Bosch Mixer
The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

The Bosch is a workhorse; designed to easily handle heavy loads, like several loaves worth of bread dough or a triple batch of oatmeal raisin cookies, repeatedly. More about the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer>>

All Bosch mixers ship via FedEx.
Bosch Options (free shipping with any option)
Celtic Sea Salt

Ordinary table salt has been stripped of all minerals except sodium and chloride. Celtic Sea Salt, on the other hand, is made from pristine ocean water that has been dehydrated by the sun, so it contains all the balanced minerals of clean, pure sea water.  It is infinitely better for your health than ordinary table salt. In attempting to eat a nutrient rich diet, it makes sense to seek out the healthiest form of this everyday ingredient.  Continue reading here.

If you have never tried Celtic Sea Salt before, we recommend that you start with the fine ground salt since it is most like the table salt you're used to.
Available Sizes (Prices include shipping within the 48 states)
Kyocera Ceramic Salt & Pepper Mills

Ordinary salt ginders are made from metal, and whole, natural salts remain moist because they don't contain any moisture-absorbing additives like aluminum. So when you put a natural, coarse salt, like Celtic Sea Salt, into a metal grinder, the grinder tends to become corroded. Then that corroded metal gets in your food. Not so with our Kyocera ceramic mills. Their internal grinding parts are entirely ceramic. Pure, clean, natural.

Ceramic grinder, glass base, plastic snap-on top.
Available Sizes (Prices include shipping within the 48 states)
Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

We offer 2 different types of organic coconut oil: handmade virgin coconut oil, and expeller pressed coconut oil. For more information on each, please select from the links below. Available in gallon pails.

Coconut Oil (Prices include shipping within the US)
Whole Grains

Our whole grains are available in 45 pound pails sealed with oxygen absorbers inside. The contents of the pails will stay fresh for at least 5 years if unopened. For more information about our grains, please refer to the following links.

At this time, we do not ship bags of grain.

Quantities may be limited.

All grains certified chemical free.
Available Options (Prices include shipping within the US)
Organic Grass Fed Butter Oil (Ghee)

Butter oil, or ghee, is the oil portion of organic butter which is made from grass fed cows' milk. This butter oil is made only in spring and fall, when the cows are actually out on the pasture eating rapidly growing fresh green grass. It is especially high in vitamins A and K; helpful for acne, curing cavities, conception and overall good health. Some people take high vitamin butter oil in capsules as a supplement... more
Available Options (Prices include shipping within the US)

Cod Liver Oil
Green Pasture's Fermented Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter Oil
Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist in the 1920's, used cod liver oil and butter oil together to promote healthy, straight, cavity-free teeth and healthy bones. Our family uses the cinnamon flavored fermented cod liver oil in conjunction with our Organic Grass Fed Ghee. We think the flavor is the best of any cod liver oil we've tried, and the only ingredients are fermented cod liver oil, cassia oil, organic stevia leaf.
Excalibur Dehydrator
  • All models have BPA-Free plastic sheets.
  • All models have an adjustable thermostat ranging from 105 – 165 degrees F, so you can safely dehydrate jerky at a high temperature or keep your foods raw at a low temperature. It’s also nice to use higher temps to speed the dehydration process or lower temps to slow the process. All models come with large 15″ x 15″ trays
  • You can get flexible, porous sheets for making fruit leathers and crackers for your dehydrator. We recommend purchasing the generic paraflex sheets (paraflex is BPA free) through Amazon for a huge savings! These are the dehydrator sheets we use and love.
  • All models dehydrate your foods incredibly evenly. No need to rotate trays.
  • All models come with a guide to dehydration.
  • All models come with a 10 year warranty.
  • All models SHIP FREE!
  • Compare The Different Models Here
Available Options (Prices include shipping within the US)