Mehu Liisa Steamer J
<p><strong>uierMehu Liisa 10 Liter Steamer Juicer
18/10 Stainless Steel
10.6 quart Steamer Basket
Made in Finland

cMy Grape Juice Story
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Last year, right after everyone picked up their apples and grapes, our friend Erma called to tell me I needed to come see how she made her grape juice. Having never heard of a steamer juicer, I was intrigued and came right over. Erma showed me her perfect jars of clear purple grape juice and this simple method of making it:
Erma rinsed several bunches of grapes (not bothering to remove the stems or the leaves) and put them into the top pan, which is the steamer basket. The Mehu Liisa has three pans that stack together. The bottom one holds the water that will steam the fruit; grapes in this case. The middle pan is shaped like a bundt pan. The steam comes up the open center and into the steamer basket, where it opens the juice cells in the grapes. The clear purple juice drips down into the bundt-shaped pan below. It’s not diluted by the steam because the steam escapes through the lid.
As Erma and I talked, I could see grape juice filling up the hose that came out of the bottom of the juice pan. When there was enough juice, Erma drained the hot juice into one of her prepared jars, capped the jar and set it aside.
No squeezing squished grapes through messy cheesecloth and no water bath canning. Just beautiful, sweet grape juice without any hassle.
steamer parts
All I can say is our old way of making grape juice is long gone! (And we’re getting more grapes this year…)
Use the pans to cook other foods and to extract juice from:
crab apples
…and more
Buy your Mehu Liisa steamer now. We’ll have a few more in October, but there are a very limited number of these available this year, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Q: What temperature does the steamer work at?
A: The steamer works on your stove top, so you can make it work at any temperature that will generate steam.


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