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Cod Liver Oil Tasting Event in Jackson Tonight

Cod liver oil tasting event

Do you know the benefits of taking cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil? Do you want your kids to take it, but you’re just not sure they’ll like it? Bring the whole family out this evening to sample several different flavors of Green Pasture’s cod liver oil and butter oil to see which one you like best! It’ll be fun and give you the confidence you need to order the flavor your family will love.

Or maybe you don’t know much about cod liver oil but you’d like to learn. Come on out and join us! I’ll try to answer any questions you have from my own personal experience of giving it to my kids for the past 11 years. (Like for example, the fact that we’ve only had one cavity in our whole family of 7 since we started taking it.)

WHERE: The parking lot in front of Jennings Hall at Union University (map)
We’ll be on the side of the building that faces James W. Ayers Drive.

WHEN: Tonight from 6:30 until 7:30

WHO: Your whole family is welcome to come and taste! Feel free to bring a friend.

FYI: We will be video recording everyone tasting the different flavors tonight to get some candid feedback on which flavors people like best. The video will be edited and posted on Bulk Natural Foods later on to help others decide what kinds of cod liver oil and butter oil they’d like to try. If you don’t want to be on video, no worries. Just let us know and we’ll edit you out.

See you tonight!

Erin Otto

P.S. My mobil number is 931-623-9873 in case you need to reach me tonight.

Spring Update 2014

Spring Update 2014


We have so many fun things to share with you this spring! Here’s an update on what’s coming.

Also, if you haven’t already, place your order now for dry goods. The deadline to order is this Thursday morning at 9:00.

Deadline To Order:  April 17th at 9:00 a.m.
Pick Up Date:  April 24th or 25th, depending on location
Printable Price List
Place Your Order Here


Organic Vanilla Extract & Vanilla BeansVanilla

As we mentioned last night, we will be ordering from our vanilla supplier today in just a little while. So the sooner you get your order in for any of these special vanilla items, the better.

After sampling many different brands, we believe the Singing Dog Vanilla extract is one of the best there is. But we’re eager to know what you think too. Order yours now and take part in our Great Vanilla Search just by offering your feedback once you’ve tried it.



All Things Maple
Organic Maple Syrup Order
The especially cool spring weather has presented our maple grower with a later-than-average harvesting time. So our organic maple order will be later than usual as well. Right now, it looks like the delivery dates for maple syrup, maple sugar, maple candy, and maple nuts will be in early-ish June.

Although it won’t be delivered until June, we plan to start taking orders for all things maple sometime next week.ates for maple syrup, maple sugar, maple candy, and maple nuts will be in early-ish June.
And folks, this is amazing maple syrup. Fresh from Vermont, the BEST we’ve ever had! You won’t want to miss this stuff! (And it freezes perfectly, so you can stock up for your own family or even for Christmas gifts if you’re the type to plan ahead.)


Rapadura Organic Whole Cane Sugar

You, we, and everyone else has been anxiously awaiting our bulk Rapadura whole organic cane sugar, so here’s an update. It has taken F.O.R.E.V.E.R. for the ship to carry our rapadura from Brazil, where it is harvested and processed, to the U.S.A. And even after it arrives here in the states, it has to be inspected and also receive clearance from customs before we can pick it up at the dock and truck it to Tennessee.

The good news is…

The rapadura has arrived in the states, cleared customs, passed inspection, and is ready for us to pick up. Now, the only question is WHEN it will arrive here in TN. We hope it will be delivered in time for our April delivery. If not, then it will certainly be available on our May order form.

We’ll keep you posted.

Cod Liver Oil & Butter Oil SpecialCod Liver Oil | Green Pasture Special

Green Pasture, the supplier of our cod liver oils and butter oils, is careful to maintain equal pricing on their products for everyone. No matter where you buy your Green Pasture cod liver oil and butter oil, the price is the same.

But we’ve been given special permission by Green Pasture to make a high volume purchase, and pass the savings on to you this May. This order will include Green Pasture’s famous fermented cod liver oils and their butter oils in many different flavors.

You can also have your regular priced cod liver oil or butter oil shipped directly to your home anytime through this link. The shipping is on us.



Tropical Fruits

We’re still working out the details, but in May, we plan to offer a nice selection of fresh tropical fruits. Keep an eye out for our emails on this one. We’ll know more soon.


Peaches will be later this season; we’re thinking late June.

What happened to the May peaches?

There are peach trees that bear fruit in May, some that bear in June, and others that bear in July. And just as you’d expect, the trees that bear fruit in May bloom sooner than those that are ready for harvest in June or July.

All over the southern, peach-growing states this spring, the weather warmed enough that the May bearing peach trees bloomed a few weeks ago. But just after the bolssoms had been polinated and the fruit had begun to grow, there was a cold snap, and the delicate new fruit was frozen and ruined. So there will not be any peaches available to us in May.

Mind you, there should be plenty of peaches in June and July. It’s only the May bearing trees that were affected by the frost.

Livestock Feed

Livestock feed will be available to order for pick up on the following dates. The order form for the May delivery dates will open soon.

May 22nd or 23rd (depending on where you pick up)
June 26th or 27th (depending on where you pick up)

SAF Yeast Special

SAF yeast in 1 pound bricks is 1/2 price on our dry goods order form! So stock up now!

The one thing you need to know is that the “best-to-use-by” date on these sealed yeast packs is May of 2014. So if you decide to store some up for a while, we recommend placing them in your freezer. This will help keep them fresh for a long time:)

Regular Price $3.93

Sale Price 1.97

Order Here

A Spoonful of Cod Liver Oil a Day Keeps the Dentist Away

A Spoonful of Cod Liver Oil a Day Keeps the Dentist Away
By Nancy Webster


“Your daughter needs a root canal on that molar immediately,” the dentist gravely told me as she literally backed me against the wall.


This doctor already disapproved that I requested no unnecessary x-rays and special thyroid protection when they were; no fluoride treatments; no sealants; and no prophylactic removal of wisdom teeth in my children. Now she was practically demanding my fourteen-year-old daughter get a root canal on a molar this dentist had drilled and filled just six months prior.


Dr. “X” told me the gum boil beside my daughter’s tooth would soon burst and her body would absorb the infected contents, making her sick while the tooth continued to die. My daughter had already complained of pain, fever and swelling.


It’s scary when a trained medical authority confronts you like that.  It makesyou question your beliefs. And there’s always the fear they’ll report you for not caring for your children as they think you should.


Shaken, I replied I wanted to pray about and study the problem before we did anything drastic. I knew there are long-term health dangers from root canals. The dentist’s last words as I escaped her office were, “You better pray hard and fast!”


When we returned home, I went straight for my well-studied copy of Cure Tooth Decay, by Ramiel Nagel, which teaches that teeth decay from the inside out and that nutrient-dense nutrition is the key to healing them.


The book reminded me of why the words “root canal” scared me.  Each tooth contains about three miles of tubules designed to carry calcium and other minerals from the blood into the tooth to feed and protect it. It is impossible to sterilize them completely.


When those tubules are sealed by a root canal, trapped bacteria can migrate through the bloodstream and cause infection, cancer, and worse, any place in the body and usually on the same side as the root canal like with breast cancer, for example.


An endodontist (root canal specialist) will tell you that fact is a passé theory, especially with modern (toxic) sterilization methods.  But knowing rabbits injected with bacteria from dissected, root canaled teeth get the same diseases the owners of the teeth have (or died from!) makes it hard for me to believe it’s just a theory.


I know many people have many root canals.  Sixty million per year, in fact! And most of those people seem well enough—or are they? Certainly their immune system is compromised if harmful bacteria is trapped inside their bodies.*


I kicked myself for ever allowing my daughter’s molar to be filled in the first place, but I had succumbed to pressure from the professional. Re-reading my book encouraged and gave me direction.


The most important healing food for many health issues is cod liver oil, especially when consumed in conjunction with butter oil or grass-fed ghee.  The best form of cod liver oil is naturally fermented rather than that extracted via heat or chemical processes. The natural process retains abundant, healing vitamins A and D.  The other processes require the addition of artificial vitamin D and often do not contain the right ratio of A to D either.


We started our daughter on an extra big dose of Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil (1 tsp. 2x/day with meals) plus grass-fed ghee and were super strict about sweets—even honey and fruit. We also had her swish twice daily for 15 minutes with coconut oil.  That helped remove the infection.


Within three days, we heard no more complaints. We stayed on the high dose of cod liver oil and ghee until we ran out.  A few weeks after that, our daughter started having symptoms again, so we re-started the regimen with the same, quick results.


This all happened almost two years ago.  Our daughter still has her tooth, and it is not black or abscessed.  Had we fed her the CLO before we allowed her tooth to be filled, I believe her cavity would have totally remineralized and hardened over.  Because it was filled, she will need to be extra diligent about her nutrition to preserve that tooth for life.**


Our family considers fermented cod liver oil as part of the monthly grocery budget rather than as an optional supplement.  The Weston A. Price Foundation, which teaches folks about properly prepared, nutrient-dense diets, considers cod liver oil to be a “sacred food”.


*(Check out http://www.tuberose.com/Root_Canals.html for an excellent, detailed explanation.)


** It is wise to seek out a biological dentist who understands the dangers of root canals and other toxic dental procedures as well as the value of eating a nutrient-dense diet which includes cod liver oil. Middle Tennesseans are blessed to have biological dentist Dr. Thomas Lokensgard practicing in Franklin. His website is: www.holisticdentistrytn.com.


Nancy Webster and her husband are the parents of eight children and have one grandchild so far. They have fun publishing a free, weekly e-zine at www.CreativeCountryLiving.com. Nancy leads the Southern Middle Tennessee chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation. Her favorite time to think is while milking Miss Emily, the family’s Jersey cow.