Have you ordered your oranges yet?

Have you ordered your fresh oranges yet?
How about your grapefruit, mandarins, minneolas, lemons, limes, and early oranges?Wow! That’s a lot of fruit.

Did you know the most common thing we hear from folks after an order like this one is that they wish they had ordered another box or two?

  • I loved everything. Quality was excellent. I got Mandarins (which were the best I ever had). I wish I’d ordered 2boxes. Still enjoying oranges and grapefruits. You did good.   -Shelia
  • The grapefruit were great!  Wish I had ordered 2 boxes.  The oranges have been good as well.  I ordered organic and have been pleased with the quality.  -Ann
  •  Excellent grapefruit and oranges wish I had ordered more!!  -Melissa
  • This was my first order from BNF, but it will not be my last.  I love the gallon jars…it’s hard to order just a couple at a time, but no need to be stingy, eh?  The Texas Early oranges are fabulous…some of the sweetest I’ve ever had.  Some started to go soft, so I made juice with the remaining fruit this afternoon.  I wish I had more so I could have a freezer full of juice :).  -Marsha
  • The mandarins were fantastic. Wish I had ordered two boxes!  -Paula
  • Beautiful and delicious!!  I always order the B grade because we are on a tight budget and don’t really care if there are blemishes.  You upgraded our order to fancy, and I was blown away by the difference.  This fruit is wonderful, easy to peel and tasty.  I wish I would have gotten more!  -Kristin
Well, with just 24 hours left to place your order, better hustle on over to Bulk Natural Foods and claim your box… or two or three… of fresh juicy citrus fruit! You definitely don’t want to miss this amazing fruit! You’ll also find quite a bit of dry goods to stock up your pantry. Here’s a printable price list of all the items available now.Mandarins. Yes, they come with all those leaves.
We get giddy about the way the mandarins come with those pretty stems and leaves!

Deadline To Order:  Wednesday, January 22nd at 9:00 a.m. (central)
Pick Up Date:  January 30th or 31st, depending on location
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What Makes THIS Grapefruit So Special

What Makes THIS Grapefruit So Special?
Did you know we’re sending a separate semi truck to Texas JUST to get their amazing grapefruit?

Yup. That’s the truth, Friend. Even though we’ll have a truck in California where they grow some very good red grapefruit, Texas has ’em beat. So this month, we’ll have a second semi out in Texas just to pick up the grapefruit.

Now why would we do a crazy thing like that??


You guys are just THAT worth it. And so is the grapefruit; sweet, juicy, and more flavorful than any other we’ve tried.

Juicy Red Texas Grapefruit

So order your grapefruit now! We’re not sure if there will be another opportunity to get Texas grapefruit again this season or not. We have certified organic and conventional grapefruits, and both are available in *choice grade and *fancy grade.

Deadline To Order:  January 22nd at 9:00 a.m. (central)
Pick Up Date:  January 30th and 31st, depending on location
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Storing Grapefruit

Maybe it’s the thick rind that makes grapefruit keep so well. We’re not sure. But every year someone comes up to us during peach season to tell us about the grapefruit they had for breakfast. Grapefruit they bought from Bulk Natural Foods back in December or January!

But how do they keep it so long?

Although some people just toss it in their crisper drawer and eat it slowly until summer, the rind tends to dry out this way. Most of the folks who are bragging about their grapefruit in June and July have kept it using some variation of Wilda’s method, which keeps in just enough moisture that the rind doesn’t become so shriveled.

Choice and Fancy Grapefruit. What’s the difference?

Fancy grapefruit is the grade we’re most familiar with because grocery store fruit is usually “fancy.” It is basically free of blemishes. “Choice” grapefruit, on the other hand, has some scarring or blemishes on the skin. Enable images to see an example.

Blemished "Choice" Grapefruit

Place Your Grapefruit Order Here! You can also choose from a wide selection of pantry staples and California organic and minimally sprayed mandarins, navel oranges, lemons, limes, minneolas, and Meyer lemons.