Last Call For Dry Goods And Carrots

Last Call For Dry Goods And Carrots

In case you hadn’t heard, we extended the deadline to order Dry Goods until Monday evening at 8:00 p.m. Time is running out! If you haven’t already placed your order for local carrots and pantry items like popcorn, raisins, dates, apple cider vinegar, wheat, coconut, and glass gallon jars, IT’S TIME! Place your order now.

Pick Up Date: August 15th or 16th, depending on location
Deadline To Order: Monday, August 5th at 8:00 p.m. (central time)
Place Your Order Here: http://bunchesmore.com/index.php?action=guest-app-cart&cid=102

Speaking of glass gallon jars…

Glass Gallon Jars

Aren’t these cool? With a little help from Martha Stewart’s chalkboard labels, our practical glass gallon jars become the perfect storing-place for all kinds of dry goods. I love that I can wash the jar and change what’s inside it without ruining the label! You’ll find these jars aplenty on our current dry goods order form in the non-food category.

Tim & Erin Otto (and all the kids too!)

The Ottos July 2013

From Our Comments Box…

I ordered apples for myself and two other people. The one person can’t tell me enough times how delicious the apples are (she got half box of Cameo). The other person is also happy. She ordered a box of Mutsu and really enjoys the flavor and texture of them. I am thoroughly enjoying the Cameos myself and the Mountaineers. THANK YOU. -Karen

I bought the carrots this week and they are delicious and very sweet! -Sherry

The carrots and peaches were delicious. I wish I had ordered more! -Kay

I cannot wait to order more! -Sarah

Our wheat was great and our mill works well. I am really excited to have that mill! The honey is good. It is sweeter than i’m used to getting around here, but the kids love that. Thanks again. -Myra

The Cameo apples are wonderful! I am so thankful to know about your Co-op! Just keep me on your mailing list! Thanks again. -Janet

Great service and product. I love you guys! -Nancy

Sprouted Trail Mix

Whenever we travel, I am always careful to pack plenty of good healthy snacks so we aren’t tempted to garbage out on fast food and sugary granola bars. We make healthy cookies and homemade crackers made with good dried apples, and this awesome trail mix, among other things. A couple weeks ago, we took a trip to the northwoods of WI, and in an effort to save some money on our trip, we determined not to eat out at all. So for the 16 hour drive both ways, we munched on all the healthy goodies we had brought along. This trail mix was among the favorite snacks. And since the seeds are soaked first, they’re more easily digested so you feel good after eating this stuff by the handful. Of course, you can make this trail mix without sprouting the seeds, but the sprouting process is said to increase the B vitamins, improve the protein quality of the seeds, and destroy the antinutrient, pyhtic acid. For this recipe, you don’t really want the seeds to sprout a tail, so just soak them for about 4 hours; long enough to improve their digestibility and nutrient content. First, soak each type of seed in a separate bowl of water with about a teaspoon of sea salt. 2 cups sunflower seeds 2 cups pumpkin seeds (pepitas) 2 cups whole, raw almonds Strain the seeds and dehydrate at 115 degrees. Then add: 2 cups raisins 2 cups chopped dates 2 cups flaked natural coconut 2 cups Sunspire unsweetened carop chips Mix everything together in a big bowl and store in an airtight container.