Michigan Fresh Bartlett Pears and Summer Apples!

Our next delivery will be Michigan Fresh Bartlett Pears and Summer Apples! The deadline is September 2nd and the delivery dates are September 8th/9th.
We also have a limited supply of Montana Wheat products on this order. So if you want in on the wheat berries etc. make sure to get your order in ASAP.

See You Soon,
The BNF Team

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Price Drop For The Nutrimill Grain Mill

Price Drop For the Nutrimill Grain Mill

Nutrimill grain mill and mini seed millAs promised, the price on the amazing Nutrimill grain mill has been reduced significantly today! Check it out – just $219.99 for the Nutrimill alone or $229.99 for the Nutrimill + mini seed mill.

Order today, and we’ll ship it right to your door for free!

The Nutrimill will turn any grain or non-oily seed (like quinoa, millet, amaranth, etc.) into flour. Make your own whole wheat flour FRESH and experience the night and day difference in the flavor of your bread. Or mill your own healthy gluten-free flours. It’s tons cheaper than buying ready-made mixes, and much better for you because it’s fresh.

And consider adding on the mini seed mill for just $10 extra. It’s about the size of a coffee grinder, and powerful to grind small batches of spices, oily seeds, or even fresh coffee.

We love the removable grinder bowl of the mini seed mill. No need to wrangle a cloth around between the blades to clean it – just remove the whole grinder bowl to wash it out.

Last Call For Dry Goods And Carrots

Last Call For Dry Goods And Carrots

In case you hadn’t heard, we extended the deadline to order Dry Goods until Monday evening at 8:00 p.m. Time is running out! If you haven’t already placed your order for local carrots and pantry items like popcorn, raisins, dates, apple cider vinegar, wheat, coconut, and glass gallon jars, IT’S TIME! Place your order now.

Pick Up Date: August 15th or 16th, depending on location
Deadline To Order: Monday, August 5th at 8:00 p.m. (central time)
Place Your Order Here: http://bunchesmore.com/index.php?action=guest-app-cart&cid=102

Speaking of glass gallon jars…

Glass Gallon Jars

Aren’t these cool? With a little help from Martha Stewart’s chalkboard labels, our practical glass gallon jars become the perfect storing-place for all kinds of dry goods. I love that I can wash the jar and change what’s inside it without ruining the label! You’ll find these jars aplenty on our current dry goods order form in the non-food category.

Tim & Erin Otto (and all the kids too!)

The Ottos July 2013

From Our Comments Box…

I ordered apples for myself and two other people. The one person can’t tell me enough times how delicious the apples are (she got half box of Cameo). The other person is also happy. She ordered a box of Mutsu and really enjoys the flavor and texture of them. I am thoroughly enjoying the Cameos myself and the Mountaineers. THANK YOU. -Karen

I bought the carrots this week and they are delicious and very sweet! -Sherry

The carrots and peaches were delicious. I wish I had ordered more! -Kay

I cannot wait to order more! -Sarah

Our wheat was great and our mill works well. I am really excited to have that mill! The honey is good. It is sweeter than i’m used to getting around here, but the kids love that. Thanks again. -Myra

The Cameo apples are wonderful! I am so thankful to know about your Co-op! Just keep me on your mailing list! Thanks again. -Janet

Great service and product. I love you guys! -Nancy

Need A Few More Hours Dry Goods Deadline Extended

Need A Few More Hours? Dry Goods Deadline Extended!

Could you use a few extra hours in your week?

We’re sure you could!

That’s why we’re giving you 11 extra hours to order your dry goods!

We’re extending the deadline to order your dry goods until this coming Monday evening at 8:00 pm. And if time keeps going at the speed it has been, the weekend is sure to FLY by! Be sure to get your order finalized by Monday evening. The next Dry Goods Order is penciled in for delivery in mid autumn.

Pick Up Date: August 15th or 16th, depending on location
Deadline To Order: Monday, August 5th at 8:00 p.m. (central time)
Place Your Order Here: http://bunchesmore.com/index.php?action=guest-app-cart&cid=102

Wheat Popcorn Dates and Bread

Hope this helps you out!

Tim & Erin

Thoughts on pails for long term wheat storage

Thoughts on pails for long term food storage

by Phil Wenneker

The pails should be made of HDPE (high density polyethylene). This is normally indicated by the letters HDPE being formed into the outside bottom of the bucket. HDPE is also indicated by the number “2” inside the “recycle triangle” that is also formed into the outside bottom of the pail. I prefer white since there is then no consideration for the dye chemicals associated with colored pails (but this is not an overarching concern and I would not oppose using colored pails for short term storage).

The pail wall thickness of the HDPE is something to consider. The wall thickness measure is often formed into the outside bottom of the pail. When it is a decimal number like 0.075 or 0.090 this is indicating the pail wall thickness in thousandths of an inch. Alternatively the wall thickness measure may read something like 70 mils. A mil is one thousandth of an inch. So 70 mils is equal to 0.070 is equal to 70 thousandths of an inch. Standard pails have a wall thickness of 0.075 while premium pails have a wall thickness of 0.090. Thicker walls allow pails to be stacked higher or deeper. A 0.075 can be stacked a maximum of three high or deep for 5 or 6 gallon pails while 0.090 could be stacked four high or deep.

Previously used pails should only be used for food storage if all prior uses were for food or potable water. Note that HDPE pails are used for many other materials besides food (like paint and motor oil).

A six gallon pail will hold approximately 45 pounds of wheat berries/seed/grain. A five gallon pail will hold about 37.5 pounds. This something to consider if you are filling pails from 50 pound bags of grain. Generally one will desire to fill the pail as full as possible to make the most effective use of the pail and storage space while concurrently reducing the air/oxygen content in the pail.

It is my experience that the most cost effective way to acquire pails is to acquire one’s early orders of grain already loaded into pails. This saves one the effort of transferring grain from bags to pails, such pails already have the air/oxygen driven out, the price of the pail is reasonable, and the pail can be re-used for storing future grain purchases or whatever.

That said, the pricing on pails and lids from this coop is very competitive as opposed to executing your own low volume order and experiencing large shipping and tax charges.


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