Why Coconut Oil Equals Healthy Radiant Skin

Why Coconut Oil Equals Healthy Radiant Skin


I love chilly winters but not the dry, flaky skin that used to bother me every year when the weather got cold and harsh. My skin was so seriously dry that parts of my body, especially near my hands and ankles, looked wrinkly, and anything I touched felt like Velcro against my fingers. Maybe you can relate.

Although the heavy, natural skin cream I used made my hands feel better while it was on, I had hoped it would improve the condition of my skin from the inside.

It didn’t.

But something else I did made a great difference.

Consuming More Coconut Oil

In August of 2013, I upped my coconut oil intake to 5 or 6 tablespoons per day to help bring my thyroid and adrenals back into balance. One of the first improvements I experienced was that my skin did not get so dry in the winter. It stayed so soft that the only moisturizer I needed was a light application of virgin coconut oil on my hands and legs after I showered and maybe once more on my hands after washing dishes in hot soapy water.

My husband kept telling me over and over how nice and silky soft my skin felt.

And it has stayed that way all year.

The Basic Underlying Cause of Dry Skin

When our skin is dry, the underlying reason is that our cells, particularly skin cells, are not properly hydrated. Some people attempt to remedy the problem by drinking more water, but although that seems to make sense, it doesn’t work because the water in our cells is actually produced by our bodies from the fats we eat.

If you want naturally healthy, glowing skin that is moisturized from the inside out, your body needs plenty of fat to work with. And it needs to be the kind of fat your cells were designed to use: saturated fat.

Let’s take a quick look at the structure of your body’s cell membranes, which are basically a double layer of fat, and what they do so we can better understand how to nourish our cells for well-hydrated skin.

Saturated Fat: Why Your Cell Membranes Need It

The outer layer of your cells, the cell membrane, is supposed to be composed of at least 50% saturated fat. That amount is closer to 80% in your brain and 100% in your lungs, but suffice it to say, your cell membranes need to be comprised of mostly saturated fat.

The cell membrane’s primary task is to allow nutrients in and wastes out. If you think about it, this simple task is fundamental to your health. When the cell membranes are in good working order, the cell takes in the nourishment it needs, toxins and wastes are flushed out, and the health of your skin and body can easily be maintained.

Why Eat Saturated Fat?

The saturated fat that supplies your cell membranes needs to come from the foods you eat.

But the mainstream trend right now is to avoid saturated fats. Instead, most packaged foods and restaurant foods are made with partially hydrogenated oils and cheap soybean oils.

When we eat processed foods that are high in partially hydrogenated fats and oils, these denatured fats tend to take the place of the normal saturated fats in our cell membranes, which makes the cells flabby, weak, and unhealthy.

Despite all the hype against saturated fats like butter, animal fat, and coconut oil, our bodies desperately need these elements to stay strong, well nourished, and hydrated.

That’s why when I started giving my body ample amounts of coconut oil, which is a saturated fat, my skin became soft, silky, and moisturized.

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Getting More Coconut Oil In Your Diet

These are some of the ways I get 5 – 6 tablespoons of coconut oil in my diet every single day.

Regular Cooking & Baking:  The easiest way to incorporate coconut oil in your diet is to cook with it in place of other oils. We use expeller pressed coconut oil for most of our cooking because you can’t taste it at all. It has a high smoke point which makes it great for cooking on the stove top.

Use expeller pressed coconut oil to scramble eggs, fry tortillas, chicken, donuts, stir-fry, anything where you don’t want your meal to taste like coconut. You can use expeller pressed coconut oil in place of any other regular cooking oil, and it is much, much better for you.

Homemade chocolates made with coconut oil. Easy!

  • Easy Homemade Chocolates My mother-in-law has wowed my father-in-law and all of her dark-chocolate-loving friends and neighbors with these simple chocolates. Whip up a batch in a few minutes to lavish your body with an ample dose of coconut oil.
  • Smoothies: Add a spoonful of coconut oil to your favorite smoothie.
  • Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer: This may sound weird. No, I’m sure it sounds weird. I put 3 tablespoons of coconut oil in my coffee, and run it through the blender with a raw egg, and a tablespoon of butter. It’s surprisingly creamy and delicious. I’d be glad to answer questions about it in the comments below if anyone wants to know more. That’s how I enjoy most of my coconut oil each day.
  • From a Spoon: Our virgin coconut oils tastes so good, some people like to eat it from a spoon.
  • Put it in Soup: A friend of mine always added coconut milk to her turkey and wild rice soup, and our kids loved it. Recently, I tried adding just coconut oil, and that tasted really good too.
  • In Place Of Butter As A Topping Or Spread: Spread coconut oil on toast or top your sweet potato with it. I like to add a little salt when I use it this way.
  • Homemade Coconut Oil Mayonnaise: We make ours with half coconut oil and half olive oil so it will stay spreadable. If you use 100% coconut oil, it gets solid in the fridge.

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