5 Simple Immunity Boosters: Beat Colds and Flu Naturally This Season By Erin Otto
Isn’t it handy that citrus fruits ripen when we can all benefit from some extra viitamin C to help fight off colds? In addition to eating lots of good oranges and grapefruits, our family has collected this simple arsenal of cold and flu remedies that has enabled us to avoid or at least curb some of the bugs that go around each year. We hope this helps you out.

LemonGarlic Tea

Don’t let its name scare you off. Garlic Tea is really more of a homey and comforting honey and lemon concoction that’s medicinal because of the addition of some garlic (that you don’t really notice). Garlic is a proven natural antibiotic; ready to seek and destroy many strains of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. And sipping a mug of garlic tea is a pleasant way to get the wonders of garlic working to end your sniffles in a jiffy.

Read the Garlic Tea recipe here.


This recent testimony from one of our members perfectly sums up what we love about Superfood:

I’ve been taking Bulk Natural Foods’ Superfood for a year and it’s been a HUGE energy booster. It usually gets rid of my headaches within about 20 minutes and boosts my immune system, too. I mix it either with plain water or a 75/25 mix of water and cranberry juice (sweetened). The kids take it happily in blackberry/raspberry/chocolate/coconut milk shakes 😉 I don’t care at all for the taste or texture of it, but it just makes such a noticeable difference in the way I feel. Hope this helps!  -Julie

Order Superfood here.

coconut oilCoconut Oil

Coconut oil has a special ability to break down and actually destroy lipid-coated viruses, including influenza. Because coconut oil’s antimicrobial medium-chain-fatty-acids mimic the fatty acid coating on these viruses, the coconut oil gains entrance into the virus, where it weakens the virus until it falls apart. Interesting, heh?  The recommended dose is about 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with each meal. You can cook with coconut oil, add it to smoothies, or try one of these fun recipes to get your intake up to the 3 TBS. per day quota.

High Fat Coconut Energy Bars Recipe

Peppermint Patties Recipe

Order organic expeller pressed or virgin coconut oil here.

Plague Tonic

Plague Tonic takes a bit to make, but it’s inexpensive and potent. An all-around elixir for what ails you. It can instantly stop a cough. It will shorten the duration of any cold. And it can help keep you healthy when you’re surrounded by sick people. Take it by the dropperful, by the spoon, or by the shot glass, depending on how brave you are or how quickly you need to get well.

Get the Plague Tonic recipe here. 


Echinacea Plus TinctureA friend taught us how to make this simple tincture many years ago, and we’ve been using it ever since. Most tinctures are made in alcohol (alcohol extracts the beneficial properties from herbs best), but because we wanted to give this tincture to our children, we’ve always made it with vegetable glycerine, a naturally sweet substitute for the alcohol. We don’t sell the herbs or the glycerine, but our friend Vlad does. Visit his store, MoreThanAlive.com after you get the recipe here.