Farm Fresh Apples

Farm fresh apples

 We get THE BEST apples you can buy anywhere in Tennessee! That’s because they come from the north, where crunchy, juicy-sweet apples grow. And our apples come from small family farms that care about their growing practices and follow an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocol to minimize their use of pesticides. Sometimes, we offer organic apples, too. If you want to have some great apples, plan to order with us every fall!  

How To Order Apples With Us

We offer apples starting in September and usually through December. You can see what’s available now by checking our current order forms, or sign up on our email list, and we’ll notify you when it is time to order.

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Apples 101

There are so many beautiful and tasty apples to choose from; it can be hard to choose. We hope this brief introduction to each juicy treat will help you decide which one’s best for you. Our recommendation is that you get fresh eating apples and canning apples early in the season (September/October) and then get your storage apples later on (October/November). There will be fewer varieties to choose from in November/December/January as the orchard sells out of certain varieties earlier in the season, so don’t wait ’till the last minute if you’re after a certain kind of apple.

  Jonagold Apple

Jonagold apples are a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples. They’re sweet (with a hint of tartness), firm and juicy. Jonagolds will hold their shape when baked in a pie.

Best Uses: Fresh eating, pies, applesauce, cider, pies, freezing and storing.

More about Jonagold Apples

    Jonathan Apple

Jonathan apples are sweet-tart, firm and juicy. They’re one of the best apples to freeze. Jonathans will hold their shape when baked in a pie.

Best Uses: Fresh eating, pies, applesauce, cider, pies, cooking, freezing and storing. More about Jonathan Apples

    Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious apples, fresh off the trees, are delightfully crisp and sweet, not mealy and tasteless like some grocery store Red Delicious apples!

Best Uses: Fresh eating and applesauce More about Red Delicious Apples   

Golden Delicious Apple


Golden Delicious apples have firm, white flesh that retains its shape when baked. They’re sweet, juicy, and crisp, with tender skin.

Best Uses: Fresh eating, applesauce, pies, juicing, freezing, and they’re okay for storing too. More about Golden Delicious Apples

    Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp apples are the king of crunch! This gourmet apple is sweet, very juicy, and very crispy. (Notice the gourmet price.)

Best Uses: Fresh eating, applesauce, cooking, juicing, and storage. More about Honey Crisp Apples

    Mutsu Apple

Mutsu (a.k.a. Crispin) apples are very crunchy, very juicy and usually very big. (We made a pie with only 2 of them in 2011!) Sweet and very flavorful.

Best Uses: Fresh eating, applesauce, juicing, pies (holds its shape very well), and storage.

More about Mutsu Apples 

    Cortland Apple

Cortland apples have very white flesh that is slow to turn brown, which makes them especially good for salads. Cortlands soften quite a bit when they’re cooked, which makes ’em good for applesauce. Flavorful, not too sweet.

Best Uses: Fresh eating, salads, applesauce, pies (very soft pie filling), juicing and apple butter. More about Cortland Apples

  MacIntosh Apple

Macintosh apples are tender, juicy, and flavorful; not too sweet, with a somewhat thicker skin that makes a crunchy sound when you bite in. Macintosh apples become very soft when cooked or baked.

Best Uses: Fresh eating, applesauce, apple butter, and pies. More about Macintosh Apples  

  Gala Apple

Gala apples are one of the earliest apples available. They are juicy and sweet and a bit smaller than most of our other apples, which makes them especially well suited for children’s lunchboxes.

Best Uses: Fresh eating, applesauce, apple butter. More about Gala Apples

    Ida Red Apple


Ida Red apples are a gorgeous deep red color with a balanced sweet and tangy flavor. Ida Reds are firm fleshed and usually keep exceptionally well in cold storage.

Best Uses: Pies, freezing, storage, applesauce, fresh eating. More about Ida Red Apples

    Rome Apple

Rome apples, sometimes known as Red Rome for their beautiful deep red skin, have snow white, dry-ish flesh that is streaked with pink. Rome’s make the best baked apples.

Best Uses: Baking, pies, freezing, storage, applesauce, apple butter More about Rome Apples


    Fuji Apples

Fuji apples: Sweet, crispy, flavorful, juicy and good for storage. A great all-purpose apple, enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Best Uses: Pies, fresh eating, applesauce, storage More about Fuji Apples

      Winesap Apple

Winesap are sweet-tart, crispy-crunchy heirloom apples. Although good for eating out of hand, they are a favorite for pies and baking.

Best Uses: Pies, baking, cider, applesauce, fresh eating, storage More about Winesap

    Cameo Apple

Cameo Apples: The first time we ordered Cameo apples, nobody knew what they were like so we sold just a handful of boxes. The following year, our whole community was after them like crazy! Cameos are sweet, juicy, and they have the perfect crispy crunch, very much like a Honeycrisp apple, but without the high price.

Best Uses: Fresh eating, cider, applesauce, storage More about Cameo Apples

 Northern Spy Apples

Northern Spy Apples: We are not always able to get Northern Spy apples, so when we do, they’re a real treat! Northern Spy’s are very juicy, crispy crunchy, tart and mildly sweet, with a rich flavor and thin, tender green and red skin.

Best Uses: Great for pies and cider! Also preferred as a dessert apple after they have had time in storage to mellow out. More tart and firm than most popular varieties, so most people don’t like to eat them out of hand. More about Northern Spy Apples


Apple and Concord Grape Reviews

We made some great applesauce with the Jonagold “juice” apples. It has good taste, texture and color! Also, we used our juicer for the grapes and then madegrape jelly. This was much simpler than cooking and then straining the grapes, and maybe we were able to keep a few more nutrients as a result of less cooking. Thank you for facilitating this order. The prices were great! Thanks!

Tori Fish


Hello! I’d be glad to share my experience. I only made jelly with my grapes (Concord) and plain applesauce with the bushel of Galas I purchased (my first year and didn’t want to bite off too much!) My husband and a few friends I have shared with absolutely love the grape jelly. I used a less-sugar pectin and followed the recipe that came with it, and it smelled and almost tastes like the grape-flavored sweets (Jolly Rancher comes to mind). I used a potato-masher to crush my grapes, pretty easy. The applesauce is plain, no sugar or cinnamon (I actually forgot these, haha), but it was very tasty without anything added to it! I plan to use some to make apple butter later on. I am looking forward to ordering again with you!



The Concord grapes that we ordered were very nice…we simmered them down in a stock pot and then pressed them through cheesecloth and froze the juice to make jelly this winter. We were very pleased with them, as we found no rotten grapes in the whole box…. thank you very much!!

Rhonda and Amy Burns


I purchased the Fuji apples to make me some applesauce. It turned out perfect and was delicious. Also on the grapes I made jelly and that turned out great. I would like to know about the oranges. When are you gonna order them and what varieties are there to choose from. Looking forward to hear from you.

Gerry Mathis


We made wine with the grapes! Of course, we won’t taste the wine for about a year. However, the juice and aroma was excellent!! Just the juice was SWEET! I was VERY happy, and wish I could get 2 or three more cases. I wish I had bought apples. I heard very good things from a few people who DID buy apples.

Kathy Dumont



I bought the yellow delicious apples, fuji and jonagold. The apples were very good. The grapes make excellent grape juice.



I bought Mutsu apples this year for the first time, after hearing good things about them. I did not put any up for canning, just to have for fresh eating and we are still eating them and have not lost any to spoilage. (December 8th, 2009) They are a very good apple. I also bought the Concord grapes and made juice with them. After heating them I put them through a hand sieve, canning the juice and saved the pulp for jam and syrup. Both varieties came out very tasty. This is the 2nd year I have bought the Concord grapes and have been very pleased with them. Thanks again for all your efforts



The Organic Jonagold Apples were amazing..we ate them raw, canned them as applesauce, apple butter and sliced apples…all amazingly sweet without added sugar! We used Concord Grapes to make jelly and added Sucanat as our sweetener. The jelly came out great..firm and sweet..full flavor..yum!

Blessings, Stacy


The gala and mutsu apples are absolutely delicious. The mutsu are a little more tart and crispy than the gala. We love them both raw. Together they make outstanding applesauce….no sugar needed! I made the sauce in the crock pot by adding some water and a stick of cinnamon. It is so good served warm. We have used the concord grapes in smoothies….grapes, plain yogurt and honey….yummy! My blender processes the skins and seeds almost completely. I have also made grape juice in my juicer. I wish I could give everyone a taste. It is so sweet that I actually added apples to it to cut down on the thickness and sweetness some. I am looking forward to more apples and grapes soon!

Rebecca B.


I made jelly from the concord grapes with Pomona’s pectin and used only a minimal amount of sweetener from organic cane juice crystals and honey and the batches turned out superb! I was able to double batch amounts with the excellent pectin. I also made juice for drinking with the grapes and apples and added a bit of bubbly water – yum! The gala apples are crisp, sweet and on the small side (which is great for kids!). I can’t wait to get more apple varieties from the next order and even though the grape process is time consuming I plan to juice and process for drinking.

Jan Fox


The grapes were awesome. I made grape jam for the first time and it is so delicious! We spread it on toast, pancakes, muffins and even on turkey sausage. I’ll be trying applesauce next. – Laurie


Our last two Ida Red apples are gone! The last ones were as good as the first. They did not shrivel, have bruises, or bad places. They have kept better than any other kind of apple I have tried, and we really like the flavor. I am attaching a picture I made today (June 4). I look forward to ordering more in the fall. Thanks so much for making these apples, and other items, available to us.

Wilda Patterson

You can read about how Wilda stored these apples so nicely here.


Just want to say thanks for all your work to bring good food into your community and then making it available to those outside it as well. We are thoroughly enjoying the apples! I started canning them today and have been so pleased with the quality, there hasn’t been a bad one in the whole bunch. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Pam Dysinger