Baby Gold Peaches: Why They’re Tops For Baking And Canning

Baby Gold Peaches: Why They’re Tops For Baking And Canning

Sliced Baby Gold Peaches

I am so excited to tell you what we learned about Baby Gold peaches last year because they are absolutely not what I thought they were.

The first time I tried Baby Gold peaches, I practically spit them out. They had the strangest texture, almost like rubber, and they weren’t very juicy at all. Combine that with their cling-stone pit that needs to be cut out with a knife, and I disliked these peaches from the start.

So last year, when the orchard sent me an entire box of Baby Gold peaches as a gift, a sick feeling came over me because I knew I’d have to figure out something to do with them or they’d be wasted. I know they’re amazing for canning, but I don’t can anything that I can store fresh, dehydrate, or freeze, which means I almost never can anything. The last thing I wanted to do was can these Baby Gold peaches.

Baby Gold Peach Crisp And Pie

My Experiment

If Baby Gold peaches can hold their shape when they’re canned, I had an inkling that they may be the perfect peach for pies and cobblers. I never cared for the way good eating peaches fall apart when they’re baked. Maybe Baby Gold peaches would stay firm.

Baby Gold Peach Pie

making the lattice

ready to bake

Can you smell it?

The Results

Yes! Not only do Baby Gold peaches keep their shape beautifully in the canning jar, it works when you bake with them too. They stay firm just like a good baking apple, and once they’re baked, they have an outstanding sweet, peachy flavor.

If you bake pies or cobblers, you’re going to love Baby Gold peaches! You can even slice and freeze them for a mid-winter Peach Brown Betty. Just promise me you won’t expect an eating peach because these aren’t it. Get a box of freestone peaches if you’re after something you’ll be enjoying fresh.

Baked Baby Gold Peaches

Slice of Peach Pie

Baby Gold Peach Crisp and Stanley Plum Crumble

If you think Baby Gold peaches sound good, just wait ’till you find out about our Stanley plums tomorrow!