Book Reviews

Our family loves to read! These books, in particular, have helped our us live a healthier, more informed lifestyle. If your favorite book is missing from the list, let us know what it is.

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The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book, by Laurel Robertson, is an excellent place to start for making 100% whole grain breads. In addition to all the recipes and tips, she walks the newbie through the bread making process, including an in-depth section on proper kneading.

No More Bricks! Successful Whole Grain Bread Made Quick & Easy, by Lori Viets: The name says it all. This book is a wonderful companion for those who love wholesome and delicious homemade breads.

Cancer: Step Outside the Box, by Ty Bollinger, is a must read for anyone who wants to avoid or beat cancer. I couldn’t say enough about this book! Take a look at the Amazon reviews by clicking the book title here.

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by F. Batmanghelidj: most people simply don’t drink enough water. Highly recommended.

Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities With Nutrition Cure Tooth Decay is written by a man whose baby daughter needed so much dental work that the author was moved to research the cause and cure for dental problems instead of subjecting his daughter to the treatments.

His recommendations are diet related and simple. They’re also well-explained, so you get a clear understanding of WHY certain foods, like sugars, destroy your teeth.

I got the book from my library, but you can get it on Amazon here. Other people’s reviews are really helpful here too.

In The Earthworm Book, Jerry Minnich explains the wonderful benefits of keeping earthworms at work in your garden.

Homestead Blessings’ collection of videos are an excellent resource for canning, gardening, and other womanly skills such as soapmaking, yogurt and cheesemaking, breads and more. 12 videos in all.