Bulk Natural Feeds

Bulk Natural feeds?

Did you know that the shipping cost of natural and organic animal food can be nearly as high as the actual products?  Well, if you’re an organic farmer you sure do!  On occasion, we’ve given away (or sold as animal feed) the broken bags of grains and things that get accidentally split open or smashed in the BNF shipping process.  But this July we’re dedicating an order cycle to deliver natural and organic animal feeds to Tennessee.

Our first natural feeds truckload sale will deliver in July.  But at this point we’re discussing specifically which animal feeds to offer.  Please give us your input, ideas, and/ or opinions in the comments box below!  Do you have chickens, goats, sheep?  Even organic dog food counts…  (Keep in mind that we’re looking to fill an entire semi truck)

If we can be an excellent resource to the naturally minded farms in Tennessee, we believe it will produce some overall good effects in our ability to promote and supply bulk natural foods.  Since natural foods come from natural farms it doesn’t take much to realize the value this could bring to many folks in their local regions.

If you or a friend would like to know more about getting natural animal organic feed,  please fill in the info fields below, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

In the comments box, be sure to let us know specifically what your needs are, or any ideas you may have.  Or if you’re if you’re just curious, and you’d like us to keep you updated about this, just say so and we’ll keep you in the loop (Just write something so we know what to think).

Send a friend to this exact page by using this link: https://bulknaturalfoods.com/bulk-natural-feeds/