Cameo Apples

Cameo apples on the tree

The first time we ordered Cameo apples, nobody knew what they were like so we sold just a handful of boxes. The following year, our whole community was after them like crazy! Cameos are sweet, juicy, and they have the perfect crispy crunch, very much like a Honeycrisp apple, but without the high price. They are the best apple we offer for long-term fresh apple storage.

Cameo apples ripen in mid October.

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What are Cameo apples like?

Sweet and very flavorful

Super crunchy, super juicy, and tender (Cameo’s crunch is similar to a Honeycrisp’s crunch)

Our Cameo’s are minimally sprayed, IPM fruit

A favorite among our group

Cameo Apple

Cameo Apple

Best Uses

Excellent for fresh eating, salads, applesauce, cider, pies and good for freezing too!

Is it good for storage?


Here’s a handy apple chart