Choice Vs. Fancy Citrus. How to Save On Citrus Fruit

A More Economical Option for Any Citrus

Lots of people enjoy our fruit, but often we get the question, “Is there any way to get a lower grade of the same citrus fruits more economically?”  The answer is yes, there actually is! The secret lies with the words fancy and choice.

What is “Choice” Fruit?

Choice fruit simply means that the skin may show some blemishes on the outer layers. The fruit inside is still healthy and delicious. Choice fruit is grown on the same trees as Fancy fruit, grown in the same way, at the same place, during the same time. The only difference is that they aren’t maybe quite so pretty. But because of such, they are priced more affordably, and the fruit is just as good!

What is “Fancy” Fruit?

Above is an example of the “fancy” option for navel oranges. The skin is basically unblemished. It is the exact same fruit as the choice option; the only difference is the appearance. And that is what makes the difference in pricing. That is something to remember when you are placing your order, if you are looking for a more economical way to shop.

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