Citrus: Does it Do for your Brain what it Does for your Sinuses?


Does Citrus Do for your Brain what it Does for your Sinuses?
by Delaney Wofford

The other day a few of us were standing around the office, talking about the citrus for this cycle and the health benefits we’d learned it offers. The question came up. We know citrus has brilliant impact on our bodies’ immune systems, but does it carry any brain-boosters as well? It made sense; with something that had as much health-power, it seemed reasonable to suspect there might be more good news, even if it was a bit less well known.

It was time for me to play detective, and open an investigation to find out just how much of our theory was valid. And it didn’t take too much digging for me to crack the case.

Theory Confirmed
Here are the results: Turns out, all that good stuff that strengthens our immune system is the same stuff that provides numerous benefits to the brain. I found documented evidence of this on several medical and doctors’ reference sites, as well as an in-depth study over 100 pages long by a team of scientists.

How it works:  In your brain, there are things called “free radicals”. Basically, they are a waste product that is released when you cells are converting nutrients into energy. The bad news is, free-radical build up can basically spread through your body, causing damage as it goes. It’s a lot like rust on a car.  And that’s where the citrus comes in to save the day.

Citrus is high in antioxidants, as we are already familiar with. Antioxidants hunt down free-radicals and destroy them before they have a chance to start piling up, destroying your cells, and inhibiting the brain’s proper function.

Citrus also has the amazing power, (possibly because of it’s ability to destroy free radicals) of protecting against the dying off of nerve cells in your brain. It protects against neurodegeneration, which, just to make it perfectly clear, leads to dementia.

So, just to sum up:

Citrus could Literally be Saving your Sanity!
It’s actually really incredible. Let me tell you, I liked oranges and tangerines and satsumas already, but with this evidence? Knowing that every time I eat one I’m basically putting armor around my cognitive abilities…hey. I’m gonna be wanting all the citrus I can get.