Remember the exceptionally warm spring we had? Daffodils bloomed in February, trees leafed out early, and apple trees blossomed before their time. It was wonderful weather for people, but for apple trees in Michigan and other parts of the country, it was devastating. Shortly after the apple trees bloomed, freezing cold nights destroyed the majority of the delicate blossoms and tiny infant fruit that had just begun to develop.

Year after year, one truckload after the other, Hildebrand apples and Concord grapes have gone out from Bulk Natural Foods to families that appreciate how good apples are supposed taste.

Sadly, you’ll only have one opportunity to order from the Hildebrand farm this year, and that order will open the first or second week of September.

For the fall months, we’re working on some other possibilities from other states that had more favorable growing conditions this spring. But we’ll have to let you know more when the details for these other orders start to fall into place. Nothing is definite yet.