February Apple Varieties 2014

In case you didn’t know, our two February apple orders are in full swing! We have an excellent variety of apples available, all of which are minimally sprayed, and all have been stored in special storage to keep them fresh since they were harevested in the fall.

Deadline To Order:  February 10th at 9:00 a.m.
Delivery Date:  February 13th and 14th, depending on your location
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Deadline To Order:  February 19th at 9:00 a.m.
Delivery Date:  February 27th and 28th, depending on your location
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Empire AppleWith parents like Red Delicious and Macintosh, Empire apples are a refreshing blend of sweet and tart. And they’re multitaskers in the kitchen, too. Grab for an Empire when you’re making applesauce, baking pies, or just when you need a mouthwatering bite to munch. These beauties are even good for freezing. Just peel and core them, dip them in a blend of 1 tablespoon of lemon juice per cup of water to keep from browning, and store them in zip top bags in the freezer.Fun Fact: Ever have McDonald’s apple dippers? Well, those are Empire Apples!

Flavor: Wonderful blend of sweet and tart. Juicy.

Bite: Crispy





Cameo AppleHave you tried the Cameo apple yet? Its uber crisp sweetness has made it one of our most popular apples. The Cameo has actually been called a “poor man’s Honeycrisp” by one of our growers because of its shattering crunch. Cameo apples are best eaten fresh or made into applesauce, but they also do fairly well in pies.

Customer Review:  Our order of cameo apples are being devoured!  We are so excited to have fresh tasting apples in the middle of winter. [February 2013] This bushel is so much better than our order from the fall.  Not sure if it came from a different orchard but we are loving them.  No bruises on any of them! -Ally

Flavor:  Mostly sweet with a hint of tart.

Bite: Crispy



Golden Delicious AppleGolden Delicious apples may be one of the most practical apples we sell. They taste amazing, and they’re good for virtually any purpose: cooking, baking, applesauce, cider, freezing, and of course, eating out of hand.

Customer Review: I was never a golden delicious or red delicious lover before – I find them a little “soft”.  I understood there was a bad harvest this year [2012] and this was going to be my only opportunity for apples, so I decided to order some golden delicious from you.

I have to say the golden delicious apples I just picked up are the most delicious “delicious” apples I have ever tasted.  They are not soft at all, very crispy and delectable with a wonderful flavor.  We are going to use your suggestion for storage with paper towels and bags, but I don’t think we have to worry about long-term storage too much – they will be gone too quickly!

Flavor:  Sweet and mild

Bite: Medium crisp


Rome AppleIf you’ve enjoyed perfect fried apple slices or a beautiful baked apple, they were probably made with Rome Apples. These superb cooking apples retain their shape beautifully as well as their tart flavor. And their drier flesh makes them an excellent choice for dehydrated apples too.

Nickname:  Baker’s Buddy

Flavor:  Mild and tart with some sweetness too

Bite:  Dense and hard, cunchy






Fuji AppleWow! The Fuji apple has it all: super sweet, super juicy, and super crisp! Fuji apples are best for eating fresh and for making applesauce and salads. Despite their good looks and great flavor, Fuji apples don’t stand up well to cooking and baking, but if you like a sugar-sweet, crunchy, juicy apple, try the Fuji.

Customer Review:  We’ve ordered the Fuji apples every time. They are the best Fuji apples we’ve ever eaten. They are so fresh, crisp, and sweet. We’ve been drying the ones we don’t get to right away, and sharing them. Thank you so much for making them available to us!  These are wonderful! – Donna

Flavor:  Sweet

Bite:  Crisp