Our five kids are cavity-free. This is why.

Five Kids, No Cavities, Here’s Why…
by Erin Otto

Did you go through orthodontics? Have you ever had a tooth filled?

Few of us could answer “no” to either of these questions.

Back in the 1930s, a brilliant Cleveland dentist by the name of Weston A. Price became disturbed that he saw more and more patients who suffered from dental cavities, crooked teeth, and what he called “facial deformities” – overbites, narrow faces, pinched nostrils, and underdevelopment of the nose.

Often, the same people who came to him with dental complaints had other serious medical problems too, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic fatigue.

What bothered him most, though, was the increasing number of children who experienced frequent colds, asthma, allergies, anemia, lower-than-normal I.Q.’s, and behavioral problems.

Is God’s Design To Blame?

Was God to blame for the physical degeneration Dr. Price saw in his fellow Americans? He was inclined to believe that the creator designed us to live full and meaningful lives in healthy bodies. But that wasn’t what he saw.

In an earnest desire to find the answers, and because he couldn’t find a group of people anywhere in the United States who were truly healthy, he set out on a 10 year journey to study primitive people groups all around the world that were still eating traditional, primitive foods as the mainstay of their diets.

What he discovered was amazing and thoroughly confirmed what he suspected.

Wherever isolated people groups continued to eat their traditional diets, free from the modern foods we’re familiar with today, the people had uncrowded teeth that were almost entirely free of decay.

Among the Eskimo people he visited, for example, Dr. Price evaluated a group of twenty eight people who had a combined total of 820 teeth and found only one tooth that had ever had a cavity. (Wow! It would be a great thing for even a family of our day to have only one cavity among all of its members. Wouldn’t it?)

These Eskimos ate a diet that consisted of salmon, seal and seal oil, fish eggs (fresh and dried), caribou, ground nuts, kelp, berries, organs of the large animals of the sea, including certain layers of the skin of one of the species of whale, which has been found to be very high in vitamin C.

Weston Price's photographs of Eskimo people: some with healthy teeth and some with dental problems


Fat Soluble Activators: The Commonality Shared By All The Primitive People Groups

All of the societies Dr. Price visited that were basically free of tooth decay had one important thing in common. They all ate liberal amounts of foods that are remarkably high in fat-soluble activators; foods from at least one of these four groups:

  • raw milk (goat, sheep, camel, cow, musk ox), dairy, cheese, especially deep yellow butter
  • ocean-caught sea food
  • organs of animals and the eggs of birds, wild and domesticated
  • insects (flying insects, locusts, ants) and small animals (guinea pigs)
  • Being a scientist, Price sent samples of the native foods back to his lab in America, where he analyzed them and learned that on average, the primitive diets contained at least 10 times more fat soluble activators than what is present in the average American diet. In other words, in just one day, the people Price studied got as much nutrition out of one meal as we get out of 10.The fat soluble activators are vitamins A, D, and K2, and according to Dr. Price are needed by our bodies in order to absorb the minerals in our diet. So much so that without these activators, our bodies are unable to use minerals that give us good sound bone structures and healthy, cavity-free teeth – even if minerals are plentiful in the diet.

    The Girl With 42 Cavities

    Both cod liver oil and deep yellow butter from grass-fed cows are rich in fat soluble activators. Once back in the states, Dr. Price used the combination of these two supplements as the keystone of his practice.

    In one case, Dr. Price put one of his patients, a fourteen-year-old girl who had 42 cavities, on a nutritious diet and gave her high vitamin butter oil and cod liver oil three times a day. In 7 months, every one of her 42 cavities was completely reversed, remineralized and covered with a glassy finish where the cavities had been. (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston A. Price)

    The School Lunch Program That Remineralized Cavities

    In another one of his efforts, Dr. Price initiated a lunch program for children who already had pretty bad tooth decay. And no wonder. These kids were eating highly sweetened coffee, pancakes made with white flour and covered with processed syrup, doughnuts, vegetable oils, and white bread.

    And for the record, the children continued to eat this way at home.

    Meanwhile, for one meal of the day, six days a week, Weston Price provided these kids a nutrient dense lunch based on the foods he had observed native people eating in other parts of the world. They got a rich vegetable and meat stew made with bone broth, raw whole milk, and rolls made with freshly ground wheat and spread with deep yellow butter. For dessert, they were given cooked fruit with very little sweetener.

    Although this was a major improvement from what these kids were eating at home, Dr. Price knew it would not have been enough to stop the cavities in their teeth.

    Dr. Price also gave each child half a teaspoon of cod liver oil and half a teaspoon of high vitamin butter oil along with their nutrient-dense lunch.

    Quote - Small Additions Of High Vitamin Butter Oil


    The children’s teeth were checked every 4-6 weeks for a period of about five months. Within this amount of time, each child’s cavities were completely stopped and began to heal right underneath the temporary fillings that had been placed to stop the pain. Here is one of the before and “during” x-rays Dr. Price took of one of these children. It has been labeled by the Price-Pottenger Foundation.

    Photo Credit: Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

    Our family has been taking cod liver oil since 2002, when our fourth child was born.

    It’s a great feeling to actually have something I can do to help my children develop the same kind of robust health Dr. Price found in the traditional societies he visited. Our five kids are cavity-free, and the younger ones who had cod liver oil and butter oil as babies and throughout their growing-up years have naturally straight teeth too. I never would have thought it was possible because my teeth and my husband’s teeth were a crooked mess!

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Some of the Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

  • helps prevent and reverse cavities (sources 1234, and 5)
  • develops healthy bone structure in growing children and helps prevent osteoporosis in adults
  • boosts immunity
  • shown to reduce risk of Type 1 Diabetes in children (sources 12)
  • one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids
  • helps gum disease (source)
  • protects against inflammation
  • reduces the need for pharmaceuticals in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients (source)
  • strengthens developing jaw and facial bone structure to accommodate all 32 adult teeth without ortho (sources 12)
  • Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and other mental conditions
  • pregnancy – benefits the mother and baby
  • high cholesterol and heart disease
  • topically to speed wound healing
  • improves acne (source)
  • improves eczema (source)
  • its omega-3 oils may help prevent heart disease

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