Fournier Family Farms

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Here at Fournier Family Farms we are excited to offer you quality, delicious and healthy produce for your families. Much of the food and produce available today is not the same as that our grandparents grew up on. Instead it is laden with chemicals of every kind from fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides to GMOs. The produce we offer is only what we feed our own families. Our standards are very high. We will not use any chemicals on our ground or plants whatsoever. We will not grow or use any GMO products on our farm. Our goal is not to be organic, but better than organic! We also want to provide food that our customers can enjoy with the assurance of 100% healthy and wholesome food.

Our decision to grow wholesome food began when we realized that most food that we could buy was not good for our family. So we started a little farm and began to grow a small garden. We found the fruits and vegetables that thrived on our farm were so much better and tastier than any we could get elsewhere; we also found that our family thrived on the farm just as well as our vegetables did! As the years went by our little farm grew and our small garden expanded. With the produce of our garden our family enjoys tasty, healthy fruits and vegetables all year long. We want to provide you the same wonderful food we enjoy every day.

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