Gamma Seal Lids

Gamma Seal LidGamma Seal Lids

Fits our 5 and 6 gallon pails (Actually, these will fit any pail that’s 3 1/2 to 7 gallons)

Prying the lids off 5 and 6 gallon pails can be a real pain, especially for children.  Gamma lids are different – just snap the adapter onto your pail, spin the lid, and you have an air/water tight storage pail that is convenient, functional, and reusable.

Gamma lids come in two pieces that are attached together when you receive them, the adapter and the actual lid. When you get your lid, unscrew the lid from the adapter ring. Then snap the ring onto the top of your pail. You may need to pound it on with a mallet, but it will usually just snap on.

Then screw on the top.

That’s it! Now you have a really nice pail with a lid that spins on and off easily enough for anyone to open without frustration.

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