Garlic tea is most comforting when your head is stuffy and spinning. You’re not really supposed to taste the garlic. It’s only there to help you get better. But there is plenty of lemon and honey to make this medicinal tea taste cozy and soothing.

We prefer to put the garlic through the blender, but feel free to grate or press it too.

Boil 12 oz water and pour it into the blender. Add 1-3 cloves of peeled, fresh garlic. Blend on high for 30 seconds or so. Then pour it into a mug.

Squeeze the juice of one lemon, adding it to your ‘tea.’

Sweeten to taste with honey and stir in a tiny sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

The cayenne is surprisingly soothing to a sore throat, but it has another purpose in this recipe. Cayenne greatly aids circulation, and in this tea, it helps to deliver the healing properties of the garlic, quickly and effectively, to the places it’s needed most.