Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in Bulk Natural Foods! We take that as a compliment – a compliment that we want to honor. To help make your experience with us enjoyable, we’d like to show you the ropes and help you get started.

If at any time you have a question, comment or suggestion, or if you need a little help placing an order, please feel free to contact us.

How It Works

We bring in the freshest natural and organic foods from across the country by the semi-truckload and distribute them to local pick up locations in the area; natural and organic fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other pantry staples. Everyone is welcome to share in the value!

To join in, simply sign up for our emails so we can let you know when it’s time to order. Then, place your order online, select a pick up location, and finally, pick up your order at the pre-scheduled time. Our ordering process is simple, and you’ll find the pick-ups to be predictable and well organized.

Sign up for our emails now if you haven’t already!

Pick Up Locations

We currently have pick up locations all over Tennessee; from Memphis to Knoxville, from northern Alabama and Mississippi to southern Kentucky.

We are constantly adding new locations, so the best way to find one close to you is to look at our order form while an order is in progress. Click ‘choose a location’ and look over the map to see what’s available.

Whether you live within our local delivery area or not, we can ship a selection of  our natural foods to you directly. Visit our store to order products that can be sent anywhere within the United States.

Creating An Account

If you’ve signed up to receive our emails, you have already created an account.

If not, you’ll need to create an account before you can place an order for local pick up. It’s free, and you are not obligated to buy anything. Once you have an account, we’ll send you an email whenever we’re taking orders for products you’ve checked in your mailing list settings. You can also visit anytime to see what’s being offered.

How To Place An Order For Local Pick Up

This quick video tutorial will walk you through placing an order for local pick up. Or follow the written directions below.

1. From our online order formselect the products you’d like to order. There are two ways to do this:

  • Scroll down the list of products on the right side of the page. Featured items are shown first, and all items below the featured list are categorized.
  • Browse the catalog (faster). Hover your mouse over Browse Catalog near the top of the order form, and select a category from the menu that opens up. Then choose the product you are looking for, and it will jump to the top of the order form where you can set the quantity you need.

2. Once your cart is full of Bulk Natural Foods goodies, click Continue to choose a pick up location(You can click “choose a pick up location” before you fill your cart also.) 

3. At the summary page, review all the information and CLICK SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. You will know you have successfully completed your order with Bulk Natural Foods when you receive an email confirmation of the order. You can also confirm, change, or delete your order anytime. Follow this link to see how.

Order Deadline

The order deadline is posted at the top of our order form. Be sure to place your order before the posted deadline. Once we finalize OUR orders with our growers and suppliers, it is usually impossible for us to accept additional requests.

Pick Up

It’s important that you arrive at your pick up location during the scheduled time frame. To help you out, we’ll send an automated voice or text reminder to your primary phone on the morning of pick up.

We go to great lengths to make each pick up location run on schedule. However, it’s possible for unexpected problems to occur. Before you head to your pick up, it’s a good idea to check our delivery status page to confirm that all is running as planned.


You’ll need to pay for your order when you pick it up. The host at your pick up location will have your order information and total.