Explorer Glass Water Bottle

‘Explorer’ Safety Coated Pure Glass Bottle

Okay, okay… glass water bottles are neither bulk, nor are they food, but they are about as natural as it gets! Our family has been using stainless steel water bottles in an effort to avoid all things plastic, but when we discovered these safety coated pure glass bottles, we knew we had found something special.

A friend of mine always carries around a really nice glass water bottle which I have envied for some time but never bought one because I was afraid of breaking it. These stylish glass bottles are impact and shatter resistant. They’re pure glass on the inside, but the outside is coated with a fairly thick, durable non-toxic protective coating.
‘Explorer’ Bottle Specs
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25 Oz (740 ml)
This bottle is a unique patent pending coated glass bottle that has a 1 ½ inch opening for drinking which is large enough for adding ice cubes, lemon wedges, or other flavorings that you might like. Take with you everywhere. The height of the EXPLORER is 10 inches and the base is 3 inches. This bottle will fit most car cup holders.
Why a Glass Water Bottle?
For starters, the plastic water bottles you can buy at grocery stores and gas stations are know to leach chemicals into the water they contain as well as any water you decide to refill the bottle with. One of these chemicals is DEHP (Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate), which, according to Wikapedia, has been banned from use in toys in some countries. And if it’s banned from use in toys, it’s not something I want in my family’s drinking water.
The reusable plastic bottles on the market may seem better than the cheap disposable water bottles, but they are often made with polycarbonates that contain BPA. BPA is a synthetic hormone that can mimic estrogen and cause prostate cancer. Again, not something I’d like to feed my precious kids.
Although I’ve read that aluminum water bottles are safe unless you put something acidic in them, I’ve also read enough about the toxic effects of aluminum that I avoid it at all costs. Water bottles included.
And aluminum water bottles can be lined; usually with BPA-containing polycarbonate liners. Just one more reason to stay away.
Stainless steel water bottles have gained popularity over the past decade or so, and most stainless steel bottles are a very healthy and environmentally friendly option. But the only beverage container that is 100% safe is glass.
Wouldn’t it break?
Yes. It could break. But because these glass bottles are coated with a protective material, they are more resistant to breakage than an ordinary glass bottle.
If the bottle does break, the coating will hold the glass pieces in place so you can safely dispose of the bottle. No shattered glass. No spilled liquid.
They thought of everything – even ice cubes!
Ever stand at the sink, melting ice cubes down to half their size just so they’ll fit into your water bottle? Pure Glass Bottles are designed with this in mind. The opening of the “Explorer” is 1 1/2 inches wide, and I confess that I did have to melt my ice cubes a tiny bit to get them through the 1 1/2 inch opening. But I think our ice cube tray turns out rather large ice cubes. Automatic ice maker “cubes” (really more like crescents) would easily fit through the opening.