Golden Flax Seed

Golden Flax SeedGolden Flax Seed
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Flax seed contains a large amount of essential fatty acids like Omega 3, a vital fat that your body must have but cannot make on its own; it must get it from the food you eat. Flax seeds are a very good source of that particular substance, as well as fiber and important antioxidants.
Available Sizes
We offer flax seeds in 5 pound bags and 25 pound bags.
How to use flax seeds
Flax seeds can be added ground or whole to breads and other baked goods, or mixed into smoothies. It’s best to grind them in a small seed mill or coffee grinder. A VitaMix also works well. Do not grind flax seeds in an electric grain mill unless you combine them with a non-oily grain like wheat or rice (1 part flax to at least 3 parts non-oily grain). Flax seeds are too oily when ground alone and will clog up your machine.