Grab The Correct Box Of Fruit

If you were looking forward to the very box of fruit that you ordered, but when you came to pick up, you discovered that someone else had mistakenly taken your box, I’m guessing you would be pretty disappointed. Anybody would, right?

As we loaded our trucks for delivery and considered how similar some of the citrus boxes look, we knew it would be good for you to be aware of the differences so you’re sure to leave with the things you ordered. Your host will be able to point you to the right box too, so if in doubt, confirm with your host. Here are a few things you’ll want to check.

our truck loaded with citrus fruit for deliveries
Enable images to see our truck, loaded with citrus fruit for this week’s delivery. 

  • There are organic, IPM (minimally sprayed), and conventional fruits. The organic fruit is clearly labeled “Organic” but the IPM and conventional fruits don’t bear any special label.
  • There is “fancy” fruit and “choice” fruitMost of the boxes are stamped or stickered with a “choice” or “fancy” label on the end of the box. A few are handwritten. The exception to this is the IPM navel oranges:  the fancy IPM navels come in a blue box bearing the Blue Jay brand. The choice IPM navels say “Victor” on the box.
  • There are 4/5 bushels (approx 40 lb) and also some smaller sizes. Make sure you’re getting the right size box.

So check over your order before you grab and go. The fruit we’ve sampled so far has been amazing! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Tim & Erin

P.S. We hope to open our order form for APPLES today or tomorrow. Watch for a message in your email box. They’re going to be good!