Make Your Own Grape Leather Fruit Roll Ups

It's easy to make...

Fruit Roll-Ups! It’s a trademark of childhood, right? I mean, what kid does’t love those tart, sweet, bright strips of goodness? There’s even jokes on the wrapper! Never mind that they turn your hands all kinds of unnatural colors and do who-knows-what to your insides, since they have who-knows-what inside of them. When you are a kid, you just don’t think about that stuff. That’s what parents are for!

But guess what? It’s not hard to be the world’s coolest parent by making your OWN fruit leather! And can I tell you a secret? I’m a legal adult, and I still love the stuff, so I’m betting Mom and Dad will, too. 😉


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1 part apples
1 part concord grapes
(Easy as that! I used 1 gallon grapes and about 10 Ibs of apples)


Wash and quarter apples. Get yourself a large stockpot, and put about an inch of water in the bottom. Toss in the apples! Cover and simmer over medium heat until the apples are soft.

While that’s happening, pick the grapes off the stems and wash them up. Simmer the grapes in one inch of water over low/medium heat until they pop.

Run your soft apples and your popped grapes through the food mill. Spread it about a fourth of an inch thick on fruit leather sheets. Dehydrate util top of leather is dry to the touch. Flip and continue drying until thoroughly dry but pliable. Ta-da!

These taste GREAT. My husband doesn’t normally comment on my fruit-leather endeavors, but he couldn’t stop going on about how we needed to get this recipe out there. 😉 With Tim’s stamp of approval, I figured it was worth sharing. Hope you guys have a good go with it!

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