Hamlin Oranges

Hamlin OrangeHamlin Oranges

As we orange juice lovers eagerly wait for the Florida valencia oranges to arrive in the spring, we can enjoy another juicing orange right now: the hamlin. Hamlin oranges are thin skinned, reasonably easy to peel, sweet and tangy, juicy, and flavorful.

Hamlin oranges are good for eating sliced, as they’re difficult to peel, and they make especially good juice. The flesh of a hamlin is rather pale orange, though, so their juice isn’t quite as pretty as valencia orange juice. If this bothers you, add a little tangerine juice for some deep orange color.

The hamlin oranges we are offering this year are certified organic.


Yes, but just a few.


November until late January.


If you can, store Hamlin oranges at about 50 degrees. That’s a tough temperature to maintain, but most closed garages this time of year stay near that temperature. We keep ours in an unheated shop that is attached to our house.