Locally Made by Nathaniel Brooks

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These handcrafted wooden cutting boards are made of local Black Walnut, Ash, White Oak, and Cherry. Rough boards are planed into strips and glued together into individual cutting boards. Each board is made of individual strips of wood, each one is different. Next I sand them smooth and finish them with a nontoxic and food-safe wax and oil based finish.
The sticky feel on the boards is wax from the finish and will disappear when washed. After the first washing white spots or streaks may appear; this is natural. Wash boards after use with warm soapy water. Boards can be used as trivets as well. Occasionally rub board with cooking oil to maintain finish.
The size of each board is somewhat different, but all are about 16″ long by 9″ wide.
**Note – The finish Nathaniel used on these cutting boards is made of linseed oil, beeswax, and orange oil. The orange oil and the natural wood gives them a wonderful fragrance (I’m thinking the fragrance will fade after washing, though.)