Has the price of apples changed since last year?

One question we hear a lot lately is.. Have the prices of apples gone down since last year?

Last Year:
If you remember, last year’s apple growers throughout the North and Northeast had a terrible time with their apple crop. An early warm spell followed by heavy late frosts nearly wiped out much of the harvest. The Michigan family farm we are getting our apples and Concord grapes from on the current order form reported an 85% loss in apple harvest last year, not to mention other areas of the country were experiencing record drought. Washington state had a bumper crop until hail damaged a high volume of their crop. These factors drove the demand for apples around the country – and the prices – through the roof.

This Year:
The apple season is looking great this year and we’re hearing positive reports from our farmers.  Our farmer’s prices have gone down significantly from last year. However, if you were to swing by the supermarkets in our area, you wouldn’t notice it much of a difference in price compared to last year. Here are the approximate price comparisons we’ve observed from last year and this season so far…

Jason's Grocery Store ApplesLast year: Supermarket Prices-
$1.79-$1.99 per pound
$70-$80 per bushelBulk Natural Foods Prices-
$0.70-$0.80 per pound
$27.50- $31.50 per bushelThis year:

Supermarket Prices-
$1.57-$1.99 per pound
$62.50-$80 per bushel

Bulk Natural Foods Prices-
$0.55 per pound
$22.00 per bushel

We are really excited to be able to work directly with the farmer and bring these great values on truckloads of fresh, unwaxed, IPM fruits to your neighborhood. And in our opinion, these fresh-off-the-trees apples taste so much better than any you could pick up at the store.

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