Two Ways To Buy


We order fresh natural foods by the truckload….

…but you don’t have to buy a truckload!

We order the freshest natural foods from across America – apples, peaches and oranges, whole grains and nuts, and lots of other good things in between.

A few weeks before we receive a shipment, we send out an email to the members in our group – let’s say it’s apples. If you’ve subscribed to our apples list, for example, we’ll send you an email when we’re taking orders for apples. (You can subscribe or unsubscribe from any of our lists at any time).

Okay, so keeping with our example about apples. You’d get emails now and then that say something like “We’re ordering apples!” Our system will prompt you to visit our website where you can see all the prices, varieties, and details of what’s available. You can then select the quantities and items you want and then place your order right here at BulkNaturalFoods.com.

As the time draws near you will receive an email that reminds you of the pick up day. When you arrive at your local pick up point, you simply pay for and load your order. The process is well organized, the natural foods are excellent, and the prices are great. It’s well worth it for you and your friends to sign up and give it a try.

Below is an overview of what we offer. Click the “Current Co-op Orders” button above to see what’s available now.

Whole Grain Wheat, Spelt and Kamut Berries in Bulk

The bulk grain we order is non-GMO and either certified chemical free, or organic. Wheat, spelt, and Kamut are available in 50 lb bags and 45 lb pails. Whole wheat and spelt flours are also available.

Take a look at the different varieties of whole grains and their uses by browsing our seasonal products.

Organic and Natural Fresh Fruit

Organic fresh fruit is nutrient dense and usually tastes better than non-organic fruit, so we seek out organic growers as much as we can. However, the cost of buying organic fruit, even in bulk, can be prohibitive for some people. Almost all of our “conventional” fruits come from farms that use a minimal spray program, sometimes known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This system uses beneficial insects, traps, and prevention, and only sprays chemicals as a last resort; we consider it to be an affordable step down from true organic foods.

Throughout the year, we order many types of fruit: fresh apples, pears, peaches, plums, Concord grapes, cherries, oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines, in peak season, directly from family farms, orchards, and groves around the country. Join us, and experience some of the best fruit you have ever tasted!

Fruit tastes so much better when it is fresh, organic or naturally grown and in season. Take a look at our schedule for fruit availability and sign up to be contacted when we’re taking orders.

Unpasteurized Almonds and Other Raw Nuts

Unpasteurized raw almonds have become increasingly difficult to find. We offer them during almost every co-op order for local pick up, or you can have them shipped directly to you when you order through our store.

Raw Local Honey

Most honey, even honey labeled raw, isn’t really raw. For the sake of easier packaging, bee-keepers are allowed to heat the honey up to 117 degrees or more, and still label it raw, even though its valuable enzymes have been destroyed.

We work directly with local bee keepers to offer you the best organically managed, unheated, raw honey, in bulk or smaller quantities.

Bulk Superfood Powder

In our day of depleted soils and chemical fertilizers, it is wise to take a daily whole food supplement. A “superfood” is one which is nutrient dense, and may also fight diseases. Our Superfood is a blend of 13 organic superfoods, including spirulina and chlorella, two powerful detoxifiers.

Almost everyone who uses Superfood reports a noticable boost in energy and an overall feeling of better health. Buy it in bulk through our online store or coop, and feel the difference!

Local organic vegetables

We offer local and organic vegetables along with other local produce to our co-op throughout the year depending when it is in season.

Find a pickup location in your area

Our delivery radius is constantly expanding.

You can visit our current pickup location list or contact us to find a pickup location in your area.

Bulk Food Sizes

Most of our fruit comes boxed in bushels or half bushels. Smaller fruits, like cherries, come in smaller quantities (15 – 20 lb boxes). Bulk wheat and whole grains come in 50 lb bags or pails.

How our food co-op works

Sign up on our email list to let us know which items you’re interested in ordering. We will email you (or call if you prefer) when we are taking orders for those specific items, including deadline and pick up information. If you place an order, we’ll email you a confirmation, and then a reminder as the pick up date approaches. Pay for your order when you pick up. We’ll keep you updated with everything you need to know to buy bulk food with our group.

Join us!

Come join in on the fun! Buying with a food coop, is a great way to save money on groceries, and get some of the freshest food possible. If you have any questions you may contact us. You’re welcome to place an order with us today!