Host a Pick Up Location

We’re always looking for families who would like to host a pick up. This is a way for people who live a distance from us to earn a little money and serve others in their area by transporting fruit, wheat, nuts, etc. to their own communities. Here’s an overview of how this works.

How It Works
As people place their orders on our site, they are given the option to pick up from several different locations. Each of these locations, except Lobelville, is served by a family that charges a little extra to pay for their gas and time.

What You’d Need
We can list your location as a pick up option too, if you are able to commit to picking up the orders for others in your community. You’ll need a decent sized vehicle or trailer and a place where you can meet the other people from your area who order. Most of our hosts do this from their homes, but some people choose to meet up at their church or at a public location instead.

Pick Up
You can pick up your group’s order at either our Pleaantville location 3301 Hwy 438 E, Pleasantville TN 37033 or our La Vergne location 1405 Heil Quaker Blvd. La Vernge, TN.

If your home, office, or church is within our delivery route, you may opt to have your order delivered instead if you wil be able to meet the minimum order we establish for your location. This way, you will receive a flat $2 per person commission. Call to see if we would be able to deliver to your location. (931-593-2616)

What You’ll Earn
You actually set your transport fee yourself. But it’s important that you don’t set it too high, or other people will not choose to pick up at your location. Of course you don’t want to set it too low either, or you won’t earn enough to cover your gas and time. We have a suggested fee amount based on the distance you’ll travel.

Minimum Order
There is no minimum order to qualify as a pick up location, however, we will give you a $1.50 discount per bushel ordered if your group orders a combined total of at least 25 bushels. This extra $1.50 is yours to keep. When you transport small items like 5 lb bags of almonds, each item counts as a partial bushel based on its size.

You will need to pay for the fruit with cash or check when you pick up. The people who pick up from you will be paying you more than what you paid us (in cash). This is how you get paid.

When You Pick Up
Pick up is simple. We will have a compiled order sheet for your entire group so pulling your group’s order is as simple as possible. In addition, we will give you an invoice for each person you’re picking up for.

We do not require our hosts to be available for every order, however, it is very helpful to the community you serve if you can commit to the best of your ability.
It’s pretty simple. Moms all over the area are using our system to get their own order completely paid for, and have money left over to contribute to their families. We think you’ll like hosting with our system as much as they do.

Sign up as a host!
Sign up as a host by filling out the form to the right, and you’ll receive a message about hosting before each order opens.

We look forward to working with you!