How To Confirm Your Order

So you placed a co-op order with Bulk Natural Foods (for local pick up), but you need to go back and check on your pick up time, the address of the location you chose, or maybe you just need to make certain that you remembered to order the salt. Here’s how you can confirm your order and check on the pick up details for your location.

1.Log in at

2. From the User Home page, click View Order Details next to the icon for the cycle you want to check. Note that the buttons on this page change based on if you have or have not successfully placed an order. If you have successfully placed an order for that cycle, it will say “View Order Details.” 

3. Your order summary will open up. Here, you can see what you ordered or click the name of your location to see the pick up time, address, and other details about your pick up location.

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