How To Handle Your Peaches

(tips for getting the most out of the season’s best fruit)

Getting the most out of the season's best fruit

Unlike apples which can easily sit out on your counter for days – even weeks – and not be harmed, peaches are very perishable and need to be handled carefully if you’re going to get the most out of them.

Our most common complaints about peaches come from people who picked up their peaches on a Friday and didn’t even open the box until Sunday or Monday. By then, most of the peaches have become overripe, and some of them are showing bruises – or worse.

So our most important “tip” is that you need to open your box of peaches right when you get it home. Go through it, and separate any peaches that need to be eaten right away.

Ripening Time

The peaches we get direct from the farm tend to ripen quickly. If you’re going to can or freeze them, plan to do it right away, when they’re at their peak of ripeness.

Refrigerating Peaches

If you put your peaches in the fridge, you still need to watch them almost like you’re babysitting. Check on them periodically, even in the fridge.

Counter Top Ripening

If you’ll be keeping your peaches on the counter to ripen, you should definitely take them out of the box so it’s easy to spot the peaches that need to be eaten soon. Our experience has been that peaches only last a couple days on the counter once they’re ripe.

Special Considerations For Number 2 Cull Peaches

When the peaches are sorted at the farm, the ones that have deformities, the ones that have hail dents or markings on their skins, and the ones that have some bruising are all separated from the practically-perfect peaches. These deformed, bruised, and otherwise blemished peaches are the number 2 culls – basically all of the peaches that didn’t make the number 1 grade.

The number 2 cull peaches are cheaper, which is why most of the peaches we sell are the culls. And most people are really happy with the fruit they get.

But because the number 2 culls are more likely to be bruised than the number 1 peaches, it’s really important that you babysit them as they ripen and that you’re prepared to cut off some bruises.