How To Keep Apples Crisp As Long As Possible

Crisp Apples As Long As Possible

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 I don’t know anyone who likes soft, mealy apples. Do you? That’s one of the reasons our crunchy apples are so popular; they are picked at their peak of ripeness and often delivered within days of harvest. We call that fresh!

When you get your apples, you need to know how to keep them nice and crisp. 

Apples become soft for two basic reasons.

1. Over-ripening
2. Moisture Loss

This quick and easy way to store them will solve both.


Although apples look pretty in fruit bowls and baskets on the counter top, it’s important to keep them cold so they don’t over-ripen. Once the weather turns frosty, you may be able to keep them in an out building or cooler where the chilly winter temps will provide the cold they need. Until then, keep your apples in the fridge for maximum crunch.

Moisture Loss

When apples aren’t kept in a humid environment, they dehydrate and shrivel. Ideally, humidity should be very high – around 90 – 95%. Take advantage of your crisper drawer if you have the space and if it can maintain a high degree of moisture. 

Or make your own high-humidity apple storage bags with some plastic grocery bags and paper towels.  

  1. Sort through your apples, setting aside any bruised or blemished ones to use right away.
  2. Line a plastic grocery bag with a layer or two of paper towels and top it with one layer of apples.
  3. Add another layer of paper towels and another layer of apples.
  4. Finish with one more layer of paper towels on top.
  5. Now slip another plastic grocery bag over the open end of the first to close it off. This can be tricky, so I sometimes end up tying the bag shut instead.
  6. Poke a few holes in the bag to allow some air circulation, and place the whole arrangement in the fridge.