Ideas For Organizing With Colored Gamma Seal Lids

What I like best about having my grains and beans topped with different colored lids is that it’s much easier to ask one of the kids to run down to the basement and grab the red pail rather than asking them to find the pail labeled “Prairie Gold Wheat Berries – Use First.” These are incredible lids, and the bright colors make them really fun to use.

Organizing Food With Colored Gamma Lids

Why Gamma Seal Lids?

Gamma Seal lids are THE BEST lids you can buy for your food storage pails. They’re so easy to open and close; just spin the lid off and on without breaking any fingernails and without having to call your teenage boys to help. But the real reason Gamma lids are so great is because of their ever faithful seal. The Gamma Lid is never pried off, so its seal never warps. This means it will stay airtight even through years and years of daily use.

Colored Gamma Seal Lids For Food Storage Organization

Colored Gamma Seal Lids can really help you stay organized, too, especially if you keep many different kinds of dry goods in food storage pails. Here are some of our ideas for organizing your dry foods with colored lids.

Food Storage Organized By Date

Store your grains from oldest to newest, and indicate which grains should be used first by the color of the lid. For example, the oldest grain is in the pail with the red lid, the next oldest is in the pail with the orange lid.

When you’re finished using up the grain in the red-topped pail, grab the orange pail next, then yellow. And when you get to the end of the rainbow, start over at the first color.

Organize Your Food Storage By Type

hard white wheat in the white pail…

hard red wheat in the red pail…

pinto beans in the yellow pail…

black beans in the black pail…

Distinguish Long Term Food Storage From Daily Use Foods

Keep all foods that you are storing long term in pails topped with labeled black gamma seal lids. And organize the foods you use daily in pails with different colored lids.