Local Butternut Squash Sweet Potatoes And Pie Pumpkins

One of our Amish neighbors is doing an experiment that involves you. Yep. He wants to know if you guys like squash, pie pumpkins, and sweet potatoes. If you do, he plans to grow more of these vegetables for us next year. For now, there are just a few cases of each available, so they’ll sell out fast. You’ll find them on our Pear, Plum, and Peaches order form.

The squash and sweet potatoes we roasted over the weekend were buttery sweet and a beautiful deep orange, and the pumpkin has become a pie for our supper tonight.

One thing to notice here is that the sweet potatoes and butternut squash are odd shapes and sizes; some pretty big and others very small. So if you’re looking for uniformity, please don’t order these local vegetables. Both will come in 25 pound boxes. Also, the sweet potatoes will not be washed as this helps to keep them fresh.

Squash Pumpkins & Sweet Potatoes

Pears, Plums, and Peaches

Remember, there’s less than one week left to order Stanley plums, Bartlett pears, Baby Gold peaches, and freestone peaches. Occasionally, the timing works out with one of our growers for us to get more pears later in the fall, but otherwise, this will be the only time this year that we’ll offer plums and pears, and the last time we’ll offer peaches this season.

Deadline To Order:  Monday, September 9th at 9:00 a.m. central time
Pick Up Date:  Thursday or Friday, September 12th or 13, depending on location
Click this link to order:  http://bunchesmore.com/?action=guest-app-cart&cid=104

The grower sent these pictures of our fruit, still growing on the trees at the orchard…

Summer Fruits On The Trees

Feel free to order by phone at 931-593-2616.

Tim & Erin