Make Your Maple Syrup Last Forever

Make Your Maple Syrup Last Forever

Just once a year in the spring, you can get a special treat: the most wildly delicious maple syrup you’ll ever drizzle on your pancakes.

Some kind of wonderful.

We take orders for freshly made organic Vermont maple syrup, candy, maple cream and sugar once a year in late spring. Check our order forms to see if now’s the time or sign up to be notified when we’re taking orders.

As you may already know, all these goodies come from our organic growers in Vermont, Megan and Lee – the syrup, sugar, candy, maple cream, and those incredible maple nuts I just can’t get enough of.

Awesome, yes?

We’re thinking you’re going to want to make it all last and last. This is what we do.

Make Your Maple Syrup Last Forever: Freeze It

Many people are surprised when we tell them maple syrup doesn’t freeze solid, even in a deep freezer. And it doesn’t take long to thaw. That means you can store your jug of syrup in the freezer, take it out when you heat up your skillet for pancakes, and it’ll be ready to pour by the time you flip the first one out of the pan.

The picture above was taken just two or three minutes after I pulled the jug out of the freezer. You can see some icy crystals inside the spout, but a good portion the syrup is already liquid.

We store all of our family’s maple syrup in the freezer. It will stay fresh forever this way and taste its very best too.

According to the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, maple syrup retains its flavor best when kept in the freezer, and it’s okay to freeze and thaw any number of times.

Two Tips For Freezing Syrup

1. Keep the jug upright in your freezer to prevent any leaks if the jug tips over.

2. Pour out about half a cup of syrup before you freeze the rest of it so there’s room for a little expansion inside the jug.

3. To thaw it fast, hold the jug under hot running water for a minute or so.

Love the maple syrup. I order every time it is available and store the jug in the freezer. We eat A LOT of maple syrup, so buying quality organic maple syrup in bulk is the way to go. Thank you.  ~ Cathy

The maple syrup is fantastic!! We got one for in the fridge and one in the deep freeze for later. I made the most fantastic Maple Ice Cream using a recipe from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer.  ~ Sharelle

I love the maple syrup! It is delicious and easy to store in the freezer.  ~ Lara

“Did we like it…..oh yes, it is great!

Called the people in Vermont about freezing the syrup, and they were so helpful and told me that it would not freeze solid because the water had been cooked out of it. It would thicken but not freeze. Since we like the syrup warmed before serving, the thick syrup from the freezer would probably be thinner after warming it again.

I told her their maple syrup was so good…we could drink it from a cup and she just laughed.

Never had maple syrup like this but plan to order next year!”  ~ Lou

Can Other Maple Sweets Be Frozen?

Yes, most of them. According to our growers, maple cream and sugar can all be frozen at least until Christmas. The only item you don’t want to freeze is the maple candy.