Maple Vanilla Christmas Gifts

Gift Plans for the Holidays?

Even when you’re not trying to save money at Christmastime, if you give someone a thoughtful homemade gift, it’s going to make them feel special. Loved.

This gift needs to be planned in advance, not because it takes any time to make – it doesn’t – but because now’s the time to get maple syrup worth drooling over. And we only offer it once a year.

The present itself is so simple, it’ll take more time to wrap than to make.

All you need is two ingredients: maple syrup & vanilla beans.

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1. Find some pretty bottles. Up-cycle a unique beverage bottle or purchase something new. Mine came from World Market.

2. Assemble your ingredients. A gallon of maple syrup will fill eight 16 oz bottles, ten and a half 12 oz bottles, or sixteen 8 oz bottles. You’ll need one vanilla bean per bottle.

3. Slice each vanilla bean lengthwise starting about an inch from one end and stopping about an inch from the other end. Squeeze it gently to expose part of its soft insides. Plunk the vanilla beans into your bottles and fill with maple syrup.

4. Since these should be stored in the fridge, you may want to make them shortly before Christmas. Just remember to save some of your maple syrup until then!