Minneola Tangelos Honeybells

Minneola Tangelos a.k.a. Honeybells

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What are Minneola Tangelos?
Minneola Tangelos are a cross between red grapefruit and tangerines. Some people are more familiar with this fruit under the name “Honeybell”, but that name is an actual brand name of the Florida-grown Minneola Tangelo. Sometimes our fruit comes from Florida, and sometimes from California.
Minneola Tangelos are considered a zipper-skin fruit, because the peel USUALLY zips right off. They’re very juicy, very sweet, and very flavorful. As kids, my brother and I loved Minneola Tangelos more than any other winter time fruit. A lot of other people must really like these too because they are one of the most sought after citrus fruits on the web.
Minneola Tangelos are nearly seedless.
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How long will they keep?
Due to their high sugar content, Minneola Tangelos won’t keep as long as oranges. Make sure you keep them in the fridge; there, they’ll keep for up to 3 weeks.