Non Transport Hosts

Non-transport Hosts


We’re always looking  for families who would like to host a pick up.  Hosts are the folks with a good location who receive their order delivered right to their home, along with the orders of other neighboring folks who order.  As a potential host, you’d receive an email before we open an order cycle, asking if you’d like to host the upcoming order.  You are then able to respond to let us know if and when you’d be “open” for other folks to pick up their stuff from your location.  (Most hosts give a 1 or 2 hour window for people to pick up.)  When we confirm that we’ll be delivering out your way, we will allow your location to appear on our website as a pick up location for the upcoming order.  We also stay in touch to let you know approximately what time the delivery driver would be dropping off your order.

How it works:

As customers place their orders on our site, they select to pick up their order from the host’s time and location of their choice.  If you are hosting a given order cycle then you’re location would appear on the map of available pick up locations.  Then, on pick up day (or in some cases the day before), you’ll receive the delivery and then be ready for folks to come pick up their orders.  (Our aim, as we work with you, is to keep things neat, clean, courteous, and very well organized to provide the best possible experience for everyone)

Minimum order:

We don’t have an exact minimum order for your location to “qualify,” as there are other factors we need to consider. But in order for your location to do well, it just makes sense to build up a reasonable volume of folks who continue to pick up from your location.

Compensation for your time

You get compensated at the rate of $2 per person who picks up from you.  So if you had 10 folks pick up their stuff, you’d be compensated $20.  If 20 folks pick up from you, then it’s $40.


Most of our hosts write a check and give it to the delivery driver when they receive the delivery.  But you’re not obligated to pay until you have received payment from everyone who picks up.  This allows you to be at ease as we shoulder any chance that a person might back out, fail to pick up their order, or not respond to a phone call in the event of extenuating circumstances which kept them from making it to your place on time… by the way, although we’ve seen this happen from time to time, it’s fairly rare, and we’re just a phone call away.  If needed, we can help effectively resolve the problem or create an effective solution.


Although we prefer those hosts who are committed, we work with folks on their own availability.  So you might choose to sign up and host one order, and then choose not to sign up for another order if you’re not available.

If you’re at all interested, we invite you to give us a call (931-593-2616).  Many times, after just trying it out and getting a feel for what it’s like, new hosts find the experience to be simple, rewarding, and fun.