Number Two Apples

Ida Red AppleNumber Two APPLES- (Juicing Apples)

Since juicing apples are considerably cheaper than number 1 apples, it makes sense to buy them for certain purposes. For example, if you plan to make can lot of applesauce or apple pie filling, you can save quite a bit just by using a lower quality apple.

Juicing apples (number 2’s) can be bruised a little bit, they can be misshapen, small or have skin blemishes. You may even find a few that have been cut or gouged.

I’ve ordered them for our family before; they can be kept about a week or up to two weeks if you’re careful to take out any bruised ones.

The varieties may be mixed together in the box or they may be separated in different boxes, but either way, you won’t get to choose what kind you get.