Number Two Cull Peaches

Let's Talk About Number 2 Cull Peaches

Let’s Talk About Number 2 Cull Peaches

Before you rush over to our order form to claim your peaches, let’s talk about what you can expect from our most popular variety, the “number 2 cull” peaches.We offer two different grades of peaches: number 1’s and number 2 culls. Both come from the same trees and taste pretty much the same.But there are important differences: 

Number 1 Peaches

Number 1’s are easy to define. They’re basically unblemished peaches.


Number 2 Peaches

The orchard’s definition of number 2 peaches can be pretty broad, so it’s important that we clearly set your expectations.
In a nutshell, “culls” are the peaches that have been rejected as number 1’s for any number of reasons, including some amount of bruising.

Both types of peaches, the number 1’s and number 2’s, have a relatively small window of time between ripe and over-ripe; and of course peaches with any bruising will narrow this window even more.

When we get complaints about our peaches, it’s usually from people who failed to get to the peaches for several days.

If you’ve been buying these “number 2’s” from us, and you’ve been happy with them, it’s possible you’re the kind of person who babysits your peaches, you use them as soon as they ripen, and you will deal with a certain amount of bruising. Or it may be possible you’ve been lucky to receive near-perfect-number-2’s (because many of them can be described that way).

Either way, it is our place to make sure we represent the peaches properly so that you can make a good buying decision and your expectations can be reasonably met.

We want you to be thrilled with your peaches.


Here’s What We Recommend:

Although this may cast an uncertain shadow on the popular “Number 2 culls” we do need to be clear that the farm says they may have some bruising.If you want peaches for fresh eating, order the #1 peaches. They are truly the cat’s pajamas of peaches.On the other hand, if you’re going to be processing your peaches right away, and you’re willing to cut around any possible bruised spots, then the Number 2 Culls are a very popular choice. 

Bottom Line and Responsibility:

Your Part:  Please make sure to look over your peaches as soon as you get them. Freeze them, can them, eat them with your neighbors, or bake a bunch of cobbler. Just remember the clock is ticking when peaches enter into your world.Our Part:   We take great pains to accurately represent the items you get. And overall, we do a good job.
But we do work with many farms around the country and there are times that the farm sends something that’s less than acceptable.  If you ever receive something from us that is not satisfactory, please let us know so we can make it right.